Be aware that the “main subject status” of physical education determined by examination can not only rely on “100 points in high school entrance examination”

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced that it will strengthen the proportion of physical education and aesthetic education in students’ evaluation. The score of physical education should be increased year by year.

Yunnan became the first province to “eat crabs” in China by raising the score of physical education in the high school entrance examination from 50 to 100. After the hearing held in Yunnan Province, Shaanxi Province launched a new high school entrance examination program, which also increased the proportion of sports.

the emphasis on scores this time is a portrayal of the “fourth major” of sports since the Ministry of Education issued the first nationwide proposal that “sports become a compulsory item for the high school entrance examination” in 2016.

However, can raising 50 points really realize the “main subject status” of sports? The key lies in whether the scores can exchange for the recognition of the importance of physical education by schools, families and society, so as to really pry the balance of school physical education and help students incline from “passive examination” to “active exercise”.

according to the statistics, the 100 points of Yunnan Sports high school entrance examination are composed of 20 points in the first day of junior high school, 40 points in the second year of junior high school, and 40 points in the third day of junior high school. The scores of each academic year are composed of the scores of the previous semester, the scores of the next semester and the additional points of the competition; the examination is changed from the original “one examination in three years” to “two examinations a year”, and each semester adopts the combination of “examination at any time” and “regular examination”; the examination content includes four parts: basic physical fitness test, special skill test, physical health monitoring and competition bonus points.

“compared with the previous single examination focusing on skills or physical fitness, this examination content more comprehensively reflects the students’ physical health and the state after physical education.” Zhong BINGSHU, President of Capital Institute of physical education, told reporters from China Youth Daily. that the adjustment of examination time has also given students the opportunity to grow up in the course of three years, and the examination will pay more attention to the process and avoid determining the results once tested.

However, Zhong BINGSHU also noticed that there are some contents already covered in the physical health standard test of some students in the examination content, and repeated testing may increase the test burden of students. He suggested that the results of physical health standard test can be directly quoted, and more energy should be devoted to reforming and strengthening the test of special sports skills. “Special skills need to be mastered really and ‘one or two’ “Door motor skills” are linked, not divided into motor movements

take the content of football examination as an example, Grade 7 is for bouncing the ball, 1 minute frontal baffle passing and receiving, dribbling and shooting around the pole; in Grade 8, it is for bouncing, fixed-point kicking, baffle passing and catching, turning and dribbling and shooting around the pole; in Grade 9, it is 1 minute of forward and reverse baffle continuous passing, fixed-point kick, two side baffle passing and shooting around the pole. If we continue the previous situation of “teaching by examination”, such special skill test will easily lead to the separation of students’ learning motor skills.

“how to do a good job in the special skills test requires skills, otherwise different grades will learn different test contents. In a few years, students have tested all skills, and their football test scores are very high, but they still do not have the ability to play.” Zhong BINGSHU said, “the teaching reform emphasizes that the teaching of subjects should be completed in situations. Therefore, it is crucial for the examination of motor skills to effectively combine the real situation with these links.”.

“a lot of our physical education classes don’t sweat. Most students have studied physical education for 12 years or even 14 years, and they can’t do a sport.” Ji Liu, head of the national primary and secondary school physical education and health curriculum standard development group, told the reporter of China Youth Daily. that many places’ investigation on single technology and combination technology is far from meeting the basic requirements of normal sports competition. “Besides testing students’ single technology, the examination should also examine students’ competition ability. If sports lacks confrontation and competition, students can not only be unable to If you master sports skills completely, you can’t feel the sports spirit and personality training brought by sports

“examination oriented sports are what schools teach.” Ji Liu stressed that before implementing the policy of increasing sports scores and forming an overall trend, we should be aware of the disadvantages brought by “determining teaching by examination”. If we don’t change our thinking to “determining the examination by teaching”, the “100 points” may accelerate students’ negative emotions towards Physical Education and even lose interest in sports, resulting in a result that runs counter to the original intention of the reform of the middle school entrance examination of physical education. ”

the freshmen of Yunnan junior high school who will enter the school in the autumn of 2020 will become the first batch of practitioners of “100 points in physical education entrance examination”. This news is “painful and happy” for the PE teacher on duty.

“this is the highlight of PE teachers.” Zhong Wei, a physical education teacher who has been teaching for nearly 30 years, told China Youth Daily. that for a long time, the share of physical education in the evaluation system for higher education has not been high, which is the reason why schools lack direct motivation in increasing class hours, supplementing teachers and upgrading hardware facilities. However, as an executor, these accumulated drawbacks that need time to clean up are also becoming his meeting with the pace of reform “It’s been two months since the beginning of the school. We are very excited by the thunder. Now we are looking forward to the rain falling as soon as possible.”

the “raindrop” expected by primary physical education teachers first lies in class hours. “It’s not particularly difficult to assess the content of students, but to ensure that students can meet the assessment requirements, it is necessary to add 1-2 classes on the basis of three PE classes a week. If it is difficult to increase the class hours, I hope to squeeze out the afternoon after school time for PE Teachers to make up lessons for students.” Zhong Wei said that since teaching for many years, he personally felt that the students’ physique was “inferior to one term”. Taking long-distance running as an example, 20 years ago, the full score of 800 meters for girls was 3 minutes and 20 seconds. “Now it has been adjusted to 3 minutes and 38 seconds, many children are still difficult to achieve. Not to mention freshmen, there are still many children in grade two who can’t even reach 4 minutes and 20 seconds, and the situation of boys is even worse.” In his opinion, if the emphasis on sports technology is added, it is bound to require schools to give students more sports time support.

“to improve classroom efficiency, it is also important to divide classes into classes.” Xue Liping, a physical education teacher, said that her school once implemented separate teaching for male and female students. However, with the shortage of PE teachers and the aging of venue conditions, the number of students faced by a physical education teacher has increased sharply, and the teaching efficiency has decreased significantly. “In a cultural class, the teacher has a problem, all students can do it at the same time, but sports is outdoor teaching, the venues and equipment are limited, and the teacher is a teacher We also need to standardize the movements one by one, which needs more attention from schools. “. She said that if school leaders, culture teachers and parents can’t respect the laws of physical education and still evaluate physical education according to the evaluation system of cultural courses, the “pressure” brought by improving the score of high school entrance examination may be felt by physical education teachers before “status”.

but in Ji Liu’s view, in the process of waiting for the policy “rain” to fall, physical education teachers can first try to change the existing classroom, “many schools’ physical education is a kind of” three no classroom “with no amount of exercise, no tactics and no competition. The arrangement of sports intensity and movement momentum of physical education class is far from scientific and effective.”.

to increase the score of physical education entrance examination, promote the whole society to pay attention to sports, so as to guide students to actively exercise, “is not only a helpless move, but also the most effective way.” Ji Liu said, “the quality of the physical education classroom is to let the sports high school entrance examination really play the role of the baton.”.

“high school entrance examination physical education does not focus on testing teaching results like Chinese, mathematics and foreign languages, but also includes the part of students’ physical health.” Zhong BINGSHU said that since we want to wave the “baton” of the examination, we need to expand our understanding of the physical education of the high school entrance examination, “the physical education entrance examination is not a physical education examination, but an examination covering the students’ physical health standards and the teaching effect of Physical Education.” He further explained that “in fact, it is the assessment of the whole school education work and the assessment of the concept of general physical education”.

according to, the physical health monitoring of physical education examination includes: body mass index, vital capacity, body mass index and vision, which are monitored once a school year. The way of giving marks is through the longitudinal comparison of students’ health index in grade one, grade two and grade three.

“it is very good to pay attention to students’ health, but we must make it clear that physical health can not be solved by physical education alone.” Zhong Wei expressed the hope that when the “raindrop” falls, the physical education teacher’s curriculum evaluation can be made clear. “If the action standard is not up to the standard, it is the responsibility of the physical education teacher, but the health index needs the school, parents, society and us to move together. It is true that raising marks in the high school entrance examination has aroused the enthusiasm of PE teachers, but it is what we most hope to see that we have a new understanding of sports

“the most important problem now is that the physical education work at home and school is not well done. Let’s pull forward a bit, and the parents pull back two times. It is also the same for teachers in other disciplines, so we need to give more space for physical education to play an educational role.” Mao Zhenming, chairman of the National School Sports League and professor of Beijing Normal University, told the reporter of China Youth Daily., “the reform of physical education examination should test out the position and function of sports in the overall development of students, and it should have a certain intensity and strength, so that sports can be tested to the hearts of senior students, students, principals and other educational colleagues, and should be recognized and paid attention to.”

in Zhong BINGSHU’s opinion, the improvement is not only the middle school campus, but also the prevention of myopia and the cultivation of sports interest, which need to be started from primary school or even earlier, and the cultivation of physical education talents in Colleges and universities must also keep pace with the times. “Teachers’ training units must pay attention to the changes of national policies and actual requirements, and consciously increase the corresponding scientific research methods, skill testing methods, and physique monitoring methods in the training of physical education teachers, so that our future physical education teachers can be competent for these jobs quickly.” PARRENT&CHILDREN