Be careful to be a doctor! Eyelashes and hot Maggie are dangerous

Thermomage, geratti, beehive picosecond, ultrapicosecond, hyaluronic acid injection, eye lifting, thread embedding and wrinkle removal These professional terms that sound like some “misty” are becoming the beauty words of some post-80s, 90s and even post-00s. What is medical cosmetology? According to, medical cosmetology refers to the use of surgery, drugs, medical equipment and other traumatic or invasive medical techniques to repair and reshape the appearance and shape of various parts of the human body. People’s daily make-up, health products and non-medical equipment and other ways of beauty, belongs to life beauty, mainly skin care, massage and other maintenance or health care of non-invasive beauty care. < / P > < p > an Internet Ecological big data report released by Yicai data center shows that medical and American has become the hot spot of post-90s consumption. Among the medical and American users, 59% of them are post-90s, 22% are post-80s, and 14% are ready to “take over” after 00. The post-90s women like minimally invasive double eyelid, hyaluronic acid filling, nose augmentation, liposuction and face thinning needle, while boys prefer botulinum toxin rhytidectomy, hair transplantation and nose augmentation. < / P > < p > on the one hand, it is the growing demand of consumers; on the other hand, medical and aesthetic institutions are springing up. Although medical cosmetology “looks beautiful”, there are many dark corners behind it. Illegal business operation, medical accidents and many other chaos frequently appear on the blacklist, which has become the pain point of the industry development. < / P > < p > according to the regulations, the place for carrying out medical cosmetology activities must be a medical institution approved by the health and health administrative department. Each medical cosmetology subject approved by the institution should be equipped with more than one beauty attending doctor of corresponding specialty to carry out the diagnosis and treatment activities in accordance with the regulations. The doctors in the organization hold the corresponding professional doctor’s license, and the nurses hold the nurse’s practice Certificate. However, affected by the factors of high profits and low cost of illegal activities, there are still many black clinics in China’s medical and beauty market, and many life beauty agencies are still carrying out medical beauty projects in violation of regulations. Most of the doctors in these illegal medical and aesthetic institutions have no professional qualifications, and they have become “beauty experts” who operate and inject for consumers just by taking a few days of “crash course” in training institutions. In recent years, most of the medical accidents caused by plastic surgery come from informal institutions and non professional doctors. < p > < p > due to its rapid and profitable development, illegal activities in some other fields are also targeted at the medical and aesthetic industry. In recent years, some loan institutions have “colluded” with illegal medical and aesthetic institutions to provide consumers with “cosmetic surgery loans” under the guise of zero mortgage, zero guarantee and low interest. In fact, there are many hidden terms hidden in these loan products, not only the loan interest rate is high, but also the loan repayment requirements are demanding. According to the law enforcement officials of the health supervision department, loan platforms often benefit from illegal medical and aesthetic institutions. Some “cosmetic surgery loan” platforms earn advertising fees through link advertising and other forms; some illegal medical and aesthetic institutions will actively recommend so-called “safe and reliable” loan institutions for consumers, so as to promote mutual benefit. < / P > < p > it is reported that at present, the most popular medical and aesthetic projects are thermomage, honeycomb picosecond and super picosecond, but there are “many dangers” behind the popularity. Search for “hot Maggie” on some grass platform, which means that thousands of bloggers share it and apply anesthetic on their faces. Many bloggers share the whole process of live broadcast while “playing hot Maggie”. Almost all bloggers are recommending “hot Maggie”. < p > < p > according to professional doctors, there are two types of products on the market: four generations and five generations. Among them, the fourth generation is licensed equipment approved by CFDA, while the fifth generation has not been certified by CFDA because it is relatively new. This directly leads to the formal medical institutions can only use the four generation products with certificates, while many beauty salons can introduce the five generation products that have not been approved. Gemagi needs qualified medical practitioners to operate, not any beautician can do after training. < / P > < p > everyone has the right to pursue beauty, but on the way to beauty, how to make a decision? If you want to do medical beauty, how can you ensure safety and avoid stepping on pits? < / P > < p > the location, environment and facilities of regular medical institutions will have certain requirements. It will not be a small workshop, nor will it be in a general beauty salon. Moreover, it can also be required to see whether the institution has a business license, etc. < / P > < p > medical behavior needs professional doctors to operate, and we can understand the professionalism of doctors through interviews. General doctors will be more objective to inform the effect and risk of treatment, if the other side blindly exaggerate the treatment effect, simply take the risk or even avoid talking about it, you have to be vigilant. At the same time, you can also see whether a doctor has a doctor’s qualification certificate and practicing certificate. There should be a series of medical documents, such as medical records, operation notices, etc. in the treatment of regular institutions. If there is no medical information left before treatment, it also needs to be vigilant. Moreover, medical treatment should be to communicate with surgeons or surgeons, not by consultants. If you haven’t seen the surgeon before, be careful. < / P > < p > if you really don’t know much about the medical and aesthetic conditions, you can judge it by communicating with different doctors. If you see more hospitals and listen to the suggestions of several doctors, you will naturally have your own judgment. If you choose a doctor you trust and communicate with, the safety will increase. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE