be vigilant! These parts of the body are too clean, but easy to get sick!

It has always been considered a good habit to be clean and clean. Many people usually like to clean their bodies frequently, pluck their ears and nose, wash their faces three or four times a day, and brush their teeth three or four times a day < p > < p > in autumn and winter, the climate is cold and dry, and the skin is prone to water shortage, causing dandruff, pruritus and other diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the number of bathing, especially for the elderly. But some people may have a more serious misunderstanding of washing their face than taking a bath. < / P > < p > many people, especially those with oily skin and acne skin, wash their face twice a day, and use some facial cleansers with strong cleaning effect, even exfoliating products! < / P > < p > under normal circumstances, our skin is a very good barrier, which is in weak acidity, and has a buffer effect on external stimuli. For example, when exposed to substances with pH value of 8, it can buffer to 6 and reduce the harm to human body. However, oil from the face is actually a “sebum membrane”. Only oil can keep the water and has a certain protective effect on the human body. But almost all of the washing products are alkaline, too frequent use, not only will damage the skin’s acidic environment, weaken the buffer effect, but also damage the cuticle, skin sensitivity, red blood silk and other problems. < / P > < p > if the ear wax is removed too clean, the ear will not be protected by the guard. Bacteria can enter the ear arbitrarily, causing inflammation, pain and pus. < / P > < p > in fact, the external auditory canal has the ability of self-cleaning. When we talk, yawn and so on, the ear wax will move with the mandible, and will slip out without us at all ~ < / P > < p > in addition, the nasal cavity also has the self-cleaning ability, and it should not be cleaned too frequently and forcefully. Especially, we should avoid using the fingernail to pick hard Destroy mucous membrane, cause inflammation infection such as bacteria. < / P > < p > many people will have black “mud” in their navel eyes, and some of them may have a little peculiar smell. Therefore, many people are used to cleaning them every day, and some even dig them directly. < / P > < p > the mud in the navel is the dust accumulated for a long time, and it is also the skin metabolism process, the epidermal cells, sebum and dirt secreted by sebaceous glands. < / P > < p > in addition, the navel is deeply “liked” by bacteria. Therefore, cleaning is necessary, but excessive cleaning or random cleaning may lead to serious consequences! < / P > < p > if it is too clean and the heat is released quickly, the gastrointestinal function may be damaged. If the force of pulling the navel is too large, it will easily damage the delicate skin of the navel, which may cause inflammation. Once it worsens, it may also fester and bacteria invade important blood vessels in the abdominal cavity. < / P > < p > cleaning method: dip a cotton swab in body milk or olive oil and apply it to the navel. After the dirt softens, wipe it gently with a cotton swab dipped in water, and then dry it. < / P > < p > when many people wash their faces, they will subconsciously wash their faces with clean water in their hands. In fact, it is very likely that dirt and bacteria on their hands will be stained on their faces. Therefore, wash your hands before you wash your face. < / P > < p > after using facial cleanser and other cleaning products, it should be thoroughly cleaned, especially the hairline, which can easily cause pore blockage, allergy, acne and so on. The armpit is the part that we seldom touch in our daily life, let alone clean it. Many people just flush it with water when they take a bath. In fact, we should wash our armpits carefully. < / P > < p > on the one hand, toes are easier to hide dirt, especially at finger seams and nails; on the other hand, there are reflection areas corresponding to various organs on the feet, and the distribution of meridians is relatively dense. For example, rubbing the big toe often can stimulate the Qi and blood of the liver meridian and nourish the eyes. Information sharing for epilepsy patients