Beauty consumption accelerates recovery: male demand explodes and attention of domestic products soars

On August 20, xiaohongshu and Ipsos launched. The report shows that the consumption of beauty content for groups under 18 years old has increased by 158%. With the popularity of young people, the explosion of domestic brands has accelerated, and the marketing of planting grass based on social platform content is profoundly affecting the growth of beauty brands.

according to the report, the domestic beauty industry was also affected by the epidemic from January to March, but the retail sales of cosmetics recovered rapidly in April. It is estimated that cosmetics consumption will reach 316.4 billion yuan in 2020. At the same time, planting grass on social platform content plays an important role in beauty brand marketing. 36% of users get beauty information through social media, and 7% of beauty users will be “planted grass” after using social platform.

in the first half of 2020, the number of beauty creators increased by 192% year-on-year, the total amount of beauty notes released increased by 108%, and the amount of beauty video content broadcast increased by 113%.

with the development of community platform and UGC content of beauty, the consumers of beauty content tend to be younger. Among them, the consumption of beauty content of people under 18 years old has increased by 158%, and the consumption of skin care and personal care has increased by 241% and 239%. People under 18 years of age prefer to make-up. Whitening, acne removing and repairing are their main demands in skin care.

from the perspective of gender, men’s consumption of beauty content increased by 46% over the same period of the same period last year. Men aged about 25 and living in the first tier and new tier cities are the main force of the beauty crowd. In terms of content preference, men’s preference is skin care. In the first half of this year, the focus on skin care increased by 67%, and the growth rate of personal care was more obvious.

the report also reveals another obvious trend: the rise of domestic beauty brands. According to the data, in the first half of 2020, the consumption of domestic brand content on the platform increased by 65.9% year-on-year, far exceeding that of European and American brands and Japanese, Korean and Thai brands. In terms of the proportion of total content, European and American brands still occupy an absolute advantage, but the proportion of domestic brand content consumption increases significantly.

at the same time, the whole domestic cosmetics and skin care market presents a fierce competition and rapid growth trend. From the perspective of content consumption trend, some new and cutting-edge domestic brands have an amazing growth trend in the first half of 2020. Among them, colorkey has increased by more than 85 times, while the growth rate of girl cut and Maru Mei has reached about 30 times and 40 times respectively. Focus