Beauty loving women can not miss this food, blood pressure, anti-aging, dampness and detoxification, who eat who benefits!

Red bean is a kind of grain that we often eat. The nutritional value of red bean is very high. It is good for our health to eat it often. For many women who pay attention to beauty and beauty, red bean is a very good food.

red beans can not only clear heart fire, but also replenish heart blood. It is rich in crude fiber material, which can help to reduce blood lipid, blood pressure and improve the function of heart activity. It is also rich in iron, which can promote qi and blood circulation, and is very suitable for heart blood.

in addition to rich potassium in red beans, the saponin contained in its skin also has a strong diuretic effect, which can well improve the edema of the face and feet caused by beriberi and kidney function decline. Therefore, red beans are necessary for the treatment of edema.

red beans are very good food, but not everyone can eat them. Because the red bean can clear the water channel, so the person who urinates is taboo. In addition, those who are bitten by snakes should not eat for 100 days. For the sake of health, people should pay special attention to when they choose to eat red beans. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE