Because of her “freezing age”, 42 year old was chased by a 17-year-old boy for luxury cars. Is she happy now?

Now people are good at maintenance, so there are often “frozen age goddess”. In fact, many people who are 20 years old may be charming.

before that, there was a goddess of frozen age who became popular on the Internet. She was 42 year old Minna of Korea. Mina is a famous Korean singer. She has been developing in China before, and even headmaster Wang has courted her. Later, when she returned to South Korea for development, the most noticeable thing was her love affair with her 17-year-old boyfriend.

her boyfriend is a well-off second-generation rich man named Liu Bili, who also worked hard in the entertainment industry. Because Mina is really a “frozen age”, 42 years old is still beautiful and moving. The 17-year-old boyfriend fell in love with her at first sight and even sent luxury cars to pursue her.

after the exposure of their love affair, many people are singing down their feelings. However, even when her boyfriend was in military service, he insisted on writing a long love letter to Mina, saying that he would seriously manage this relationship. Mina, who was moved, also entered the marriage hall with her boyfriend three years later. The man said at the wedding that the couple had plans to have children after marriage, and it was better to have 2-4 children.

as a matter of fact, the husband and wife have a difficult and unusual road to seek children. They have been married for more than a year without any signs of pregnancy. The couple still seek medical advice everywhere, hoping to have a child successfully. But the man also did not give his wife too much pressure, still take good care of his wife. Now Mina is in a very good state after marriage, her figure is still hot and hot, and her husband and wife have a harmonious relationship, which can be said to be very happy.

many women want to meet such a single-minded husband like her, so it’s better to learn more about maintenance knowledge and actively maintain their good figure and high appearance, so as to maintain their youth forever.

to have a slim figure, girls still need to go to the gym or move at home. Many female stars in the entertainment industry have been exercising even during pregnancy. Chen Yihan still insists on doing yoga at home during her pregnancy. She only gained 3 kg during her pregnancy, which can be said that she has really achieved the goal of only having a long fetus without growing meat.

if girls can’t insist on going to the gym every day, they can also do indoor yoga and run at home. No matter what kind of exercise form, as long as you can adhere to exercise from the beginning to the end, you will be able to have a good body. It’s impossible to sit in the same place and long for pie to fall from the sky.

food tonic is also a very useful form. For example, many women will specially eat some beneficial food such as red dates and wolfberry for beauty and beauty. Jujube has vitamin C, which can remove oxidation and prevent melanin deposition. Lycium barbarum can replenish essence and make skin look ruddy.

some humble foods are also good for maintaining the body. For example, radish leaves can promote the digestive function of the intestinal tract and help the body detoxify and beautify. And black sesame also has rich nutrition, can let oneself a black long hair greasy unceasingly, not before that kind of withered yellow rough feeling.

in addition to regular tonic and body building exercises, many girls also choose suitable cosmetics to maintain themselves. For example, in the course of time, skin is likely to become more white.

However, when women choose cosmetics and personal care products, they must choose what suits them. The more expensive the better. If your skin does not adapt to these, it is too much to lose.

everyone has a love for beauty, and it is not wrong to pursue beauty. However, female friends can not only focus on improving their appearance, but also slowly improve their temperament. In this way, they will be more attractive. I believe that in the end, you can also find a good man who is dedicated to you. 08/17/2020