Become ugly after pregnancy, abdomen grows out “little black hair” explain pregnant boy? Expert: it’s reliable

To start planning pregnancy and childbirth, you need to be prepared not only to deal with all kinds of uncomfortable reactions during pregnancy, but also to be psychologically prepared to turn ugly from top to bottom.

Why is it easy for a woman to have a bad appearance once she is pregnant? Some pregnant mothers have small black hair on their stomachs, some have bright black hair on their whole body, and some have acne on their faces

in order to protect the health of the fetus, the hormones during pregnancy are merciless to the pregnant mother. Some people say that after pregnancy, the belly appears small black hair, the appearance drops, indicating that the pregnant is a boy, is it really so?

Lin Xi is pregnant for more than five months. They all say that the sex of the fetus can be seen from B-ultrasound at this month’s age. However, Lin Xi’s B-ultrasound doctor never let go and did not disclose any clues, which made Lin Xi’s heart in turmoil.

a few days ago, when Linxi was walking in the neighborhood, she met Aunt Wang, who looked at the appearance of Linxi and said, “ah, look at your face, you should be pregnant with a boy.”

seeing that Lin Xi was puzzled, Aunt Wang specially explained: “the baby in her stomach is a boy, and Baoma’s androgen is strong, and her face will also change.”

Lin Xi always felt that Aunt Wang was a little garrulous, and went to consult experts again. The expert doctor said with a smile: “the hair on the belly is not necessarily caused by androgen, and prolactin has a great influence. It has nothing to do with the sex of the fetus. It’s the most reliable way to look at it after birth.”

after consulting back and forth several times, the doctor didn’t want to let go, so Lin Xi gave up. No matter who is pregnant with male or female treasure, the little guy will be the treasure in the palm of his parents.

it is stipulated in China that doctors are not allowed to disclose the sex of the fetus before the baby is born. Therefore, the gender of Taibao once became a mystery, which made expectant mothers extremely curious. Therefore, various methods of guessing about gender have been derived from the folk.

this statement seems reasonable, but it can not stand scrutiny. In addition to androgen, there is a common hormone prolactin during pregnancy, which is also very easy to promote hair growth. Therefore, no matter whether the baby is male or female, pregnant mothers may have “belly hair”. Moreover, even if the hair is caused by androgen, it may not be the hormone from the baby’s body. It is likely that the androgen in the pregnant mother’s own existence is at work. The accuracy of this conjecture is not high.

the appearance of ugly little black hair on the belly is a little bit damaging to the appearance, which makes pregnant mothers worry about it. Expectant mothers don’t have to worry, these little black hair can only affect for a while. When the unloading is successful, the hormone in the body recovers, and the small black hair will gradually disappear.

many changes during pregnancy are very damaging to the appearance, but fortunately, they can only affect for a while. If the mothers to be have the following worries, don’t worry too much. When the baby is born, these changes will disappear.

in addition to the significant increase of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy, there is also a very simple hormone called melanocyte stimulating hormone. As the name suggests, this guy is to make the skin of the pregnant mother gather melanin and look darker.

it’s just that the skin turns black. The pregnant mother is affected by hormones, and the oil secretion of her skin is more vigorous, and her face is more prone to acne. This is really annoying.

in order to avoid affecting the health of Taibao, pregnant mothers are not recommended to use anti acne products containing retinoic acid and vitamin A alcohol. They are really powerless in the face of acne. Fortunately, it is not completely impossible to use skin care products during pregnancy. It is suggested that pregnant mothers should choose basic moisturizing and moisturizing products, do a good job in skin care, adjust the water and oil balance of skin, and try to prevent acne. 3) Less hair

in this era of baldness per capita, less hair can be said to be the most troublesome thing. During pregnancy and lactation, most of the hair follicles of Baoma women will be in a longer resting period, during which the hair will drop more and grow less, and the hair volume will drop sharply.

don’t worry. After breast-feeding, as the body gradually recovers, the hair volume will gradually recover. Most of the hair follicles that have gone through the resting period will return to growth almost at the same time, so that the hair will be thick again.

it is said that once a woman becomes a mother, it is easy to become a “yellow faced woman”. Perhaps it is not because of the transfer of energy that pregnancy itself begins to affect the skin color of mothers. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE