Become ugly after pregnancy, have a son, become beautiful and have a daughter? The results were unexpected

In the eyes of outsiders, pregnancy is just to make the stomach bigger day by day, but only the mother to be knows that the body will have many obvious changes due to pregnancy, including changes in body appearance, pain, discomfort and other aspects.

the old people often judge the sex of the fetus in their stomachs according to these changes. “It is a son who becomes ugly when pregnant, and a beautiful girl is born” which is one of the widely spread criteria for judging the sex of a child.

in order to give birth to a child, Xiao Tao’s “sacrifice” can not be described as small. From childhood to adulthood, she has gained a lot of weight, her skin is getting darker and her nose is getting bigger and bigger with naked eyes. She is so angry that she holds a mirror and yells “I’m ugly” every day.

everyone was worried about Xiao Tao’s changes. Only her mother-in-law was happy and wanted to play gongs and drums. In her mother-in-law’s side, there is a saying that “the beautiful woman, the ugly man” is said to have changed so obviously. Isn’t it obvious that Xiao Tao wants to have a big grandson?

However, on the day of “prize opening”, my mother-in-law did not expect it. Xiao Tao gave birth to a “little daughter”, and her mother-in-law did not dare to show her displeasure, but murmured to herself: “it seems that the old saying is not necessarily accurate.”

it’s not believable to judge men and women according to the changes of their mother’s appearance. However, there are not a few pregnant women who are getting better and worse after pregnancy, and those who are becoming more and more ugly. Why do such miraculous changes occur after pregnancy?

in fact, whether it’s ugliness or beauty, it’s all caused by hormone changes in pregnant women. After pregnancy, the amount of progesterone, estrogen and other hormones to maintain fetal development is several times of that before pregnancy.

and these two substances have a great relationship with the state of women’s skin. Appropriate amount of secretion can make women’s skin more tender and smooth, and strengthen the energy to resist external invasion.

data show that in the third trimester of pregnancy, the estrogen content of mothers pregnant with girls is about 23000 ng / L, and that of pregnant boys is about 20000 ng / L.

in fact, the basic physical conditions of each pregnant mother are different, and the influence of hormone secretion on their appearance is also different. In the data, the hormone level of pregnant girls is higher than that of boys. It is reasonable to say that when pregnant with a female baby, the mother’s skin condition is worse.

we often hear that some people have “male to female, female to male” situations. In fact, it is caused by doctors’ wrong judgment. Therefore, the accuracy of B-ultrasound examination results is closely related to the level of doctors.

we all know that gender differences between men and women are actually chromosomal differences. Since we have examined the fetal chromosomal health, it is natural that gender is such a trivial matter.

However, no mother will know the gender of her baby through such “extraordinary means”. The main purpose of these two examinations is still to “eliminate deformities”.

this is a special situation. During in vitro embryo cultivation, parents can choose the desired gender for transplantation according to their own wishes. A further screening before the transplantation can ensure 100% that the fetus is the sex they want.

those methods of judging the sex of the fetus according to the characteristics of pregnancy are nonsense, and we should not excessively worry about the baby’s gender, as long as the child’s health is the greatest blessing.

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