Before the arrival of lung cancer, the body will have abnormal itching phenomenon, if you appear, don’t be careless

Feel alarmed by the increasing incidence rate and mortality of lung cancer, many people are sensitive to the two words of lung cancer, especially those who often have bad habits. In fact, if strictly speaking, lung cancer is not as terrible as everyone said, as long as the early detection is more timely, the disease can be controlled in time.

and lung cancer will have obvious symptoms before it comes, and there will be itching in the body. If there are such symptoms, we should see a doctor in time, so as not to delay the illness.

when lung cancer appears, the patient’s skin feels abnormal itching, and this itching will continue to aggravate with the development of the disease, and can’t be relieved for a long time, and can’t grasp the itch, which is very distressing.

However, skin itching is also one of the few cases of all lung cancer, and we can’t judge whether it is lung cancer completely based on this symptom, because normal skin diseases also have skin itching.

frequent cough is not only an early symptom of lung cancer. Many people may think that cough is just caused by a common cold, so they can buy some cold medicine at the pharmacy outside, so many people often ignore this symptom. But if the medicine is not improved, and the cough symptoms continue to worsen, especially in the morning, It should be noted that it may be the emergence of lung cancer. So usually often appear cough, old bad must be timely for regular examination, so as not to miss the best opportunity for treatment.

the appearance of lung cancer can also lead to abnormal body temperature. High fever and low fever are often repeated, because at this time, the tumor in the lung has blocked the bronchus, leading to inflammation in the body, so the fever is repeated. Early detection may be regarded as a common fever, take some antipyretic drugs, and it will be good in a few days, but it is easy to occur repeatedly, because the lung tumor will continue to grow, so the body will continue to be stimulated. So often appear body abnormal fever, must go to the hospital in time for treatment, so as not to hurt the brain nervous system.

lung pain is also a typical symptom of lung cancer, because at this time, the lung may have been eroded by cancer cells, resulting in friction of the lung surface mucosal tissue, resulting in pain. And this kind of pain generally lasts for a long time, sometimes it’s like needle pricking pain, so in this case, we must pay attention to the risk of cancer cell proliferation, and take treatment plan as soon as possible, so as not to delay to the late stage of cancer, which will bring some difficulties to the treatment, and may also lead to the risk of death.

so before lung cancer comes, there will be abnormal itching, cough, body fever, chest pain and other symptoms. If these symptoms happen at the same time, it means that lung cancer is around. And only when we have enough understanding of these symptoms, can we make a timely judgment, so as not to miss the best treatment time. So why many people think that lung cancer can not be cured is mainly because the early symptoms will be ignored, and once it is detected, it has developed to the advanced stage of cancer.

therefore, I hope that we should also actively start prevention at ordinary times, and get rid of some bad habits such as smoking and drinking for a long time, staying up late and so on, otherwise it may cause irreparable situation. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao