Before the college entrance examination, Xueba boy had a relapse in debt for 5 years. His father collapsed and ran away from home

“My sister and I are going to get into a good university! In the future, I will study hard and repay the society and my family! ” Zhou Ping told his mother Jiang Xiumei excitedly. His eyes were full of yearning and longing for the University. He and his sister, who was in the third grade of senior high school, dreamed of entering an ideal university and having a good life. In the simulated college entrance examination in April, the two brothers and sisters with excellent results once again played a stable role, which confirmed the extraordinary strength of “Xueba” and went further towards their dreams. However, a disaster came quietly, Zhou Ping’s dream was mercilessly crushed to pieces! At that time, the sunshine youth, now as thin as wood, was like a frail old man.

in May 2013, half a month before the college entrance examination, 17-year-old Zhou Ping was found to have leukemia. In a flash, all his yearning for a better life was broken. However, the arrival of the disease did not destroy Zhou Ping and his family. They decided to actively treat them and face the hardships and trials of life together. “Five chemotherapy can basically cure, don’t worry about it.” transferred from his hometown to Nanchang City hospital in Jiangxi Province, the doctor’s evaluation of Zhou Ping’s condition after bone marrow puncture let the family’s heart temporarily rest. Unexpectedly, fate played a big joke on them. At the end of the fourth course of treatment, the bone biopsy report showed a relapse. “Go to Beijing to transplant, the medical level here is limited,” the doctor said, like a bolt from the blue, exploding on the top of Zhou Ping’s family. “What should I do? Where can we afford to transplant in Beijing Zhou Ping’s parents nearly collapsed.

Zhou Ping’s family is from Tongjiang village, Zhoushang Township, Zhangshu City, Jiangxi Province. Sister and brother are not only the pride of parents, but also the sweet burden of parents. The younger brother and sister can read books since childhood, but they have spent more and more from primary school to high school. Zhou Ping’s parents worked abroad all year round in order to study for his brother and sister. It was not until the end of 2012 that Zhou Ping’s grandfather died of cerebral hemorrhage in hospital, and his grandmother was ill again. In addition, her brother and sister went to senior three again. At the critical moment, Jiang Xiumei and her husband returned to their hometown. The couple thought that when their two children were admitted to college, they would be able to work hard. However, their son’s serious illness dragged the whole family into the abyss of pain.

grandfather Zhou Ping’s treatment of funeral and four courses of chemotherapy in the early stage of Pingping had already emptied this poor farmhouse. But Zhou Ping’s life can not be saved! In order to borrow money, the rickety grandmother knocked door to door in every village; his father began to work day and night in order to collect medical expenses; his mother took care of him while selling pancakes and fruits; his sister worked part-time and worked part-time. Zhou Ping’s illness is like a mountain pressing on everyone in the family, but in order to Zhou Ping can live well, they carry the mountain and continue to move forward.

on September 10, 2013, a family came to Peking University People’s hospital with a patchwork of life-saving money to continue treatment for Zhou Ping. Everyone was positive and optimistic in front of Zhou Ping. The family members tacitly refused to mention the pressure and burden of life.

don’t be afraid, my sister will accompany you no matter what! Zhou Ping and her sister have always had a very good relationship. When their parents worked outside, they helped each other in life and competed with each other in study. My sister has been admitted to Nanchang Jiaotong University. Zhou Ping, with better grades, could have been admitted to a better university, but who knows the fate is merciless! After Zhou Pingsheng was ill, his sister studied on loan and did all kinds of part-time jobs in order to let his brother have more money to cure the disease. After successful matching, her sister became Zhou Ping’s bone marrow donor. “I’m really glad that I can provide hematopoietic stem cells for my brother. I’m willing to give half of my life to my brother!” Said the elder sister firmly.

in order to cure Zhou Ping, the family rented a house in Beijing and stayed temporarily. But Beijing’s prices and prices and Zhou Ping’s cost of taking medicine have been a constant test of the family. After transplantation, Zhou Ping took the targeted drug Glivec, 150000 a year, and one took it for two years. He could only pay for his own expenses, which was the real version. In order to let Zhou Ping continue to treat the disease, the family began to look for more jobs to earn money. Although the family under the pressure of life couldn’t breathe, they worked hard together towards hope and had always had hope. Because the danger period of five years after transplantation was coming soon. When the family thought that Zhou Ping had nothing to do and was planning to go back to his hometown, his fate was once again A big joke with them.

in October 2018, at the last leucopenia test, Zhou Ping’s leukemia relapsed, and anti leukoderma fell at the five-year mark. The heavy blow made the family collapse! Although lymphocytes were reinfused, the disease was not controlled. The doctor suggested to go to Hebei yandaru Daopei hospital for secondary transplantation. In June 2019, with the last glimmer of hope, the family came to the authoritative blood disease hospital in China. According to the doctor’s assessment, Zhou Ping has 78% or 80% hope of cure, but the preliminary assessment of medical expenses will be at least 600000. Astronomical figures directly force the impoverished family into a desperate situation.

on the one hand, there is a huge hope for cure, on the other hand, there is an expensive need for money. The Zhou Ping family is in a dilemma! Zhou Ping’s father was depressed and depressed. Jiang Xiumei firmly accompanied her son to start treatment, but the treatment was almost in arrears at the beginning, and the drug fee could not keep up with the drug withdrawal at any time. Jiang Xiumei asked Zhou Ping’s father to think of a way, “I’ll ask, I’ll ask again, I’ll ask for help…” “Don’t push me, don’t push me, I’ll…” Zhou Ping’s father ran away alone because of his stress. Lonely and helpless Jiang Xiumei secretly tears, Zhou Ping inadvertently knows the truth, has been actively treating optimistic, facing everything, heart thoroughly cold.

“…… Thank you for your love! Dad, mom, I will be your son in the afterlife; elder sister, I will choose you in the afterlife After one sleepless night after another, Zhou Ping secretly wrote a suicide note, secretly refused treatment, and waited for death. When cleaning and disinfecting, the mother found her son’s secret under the pillow. “Poor son, if you leave, your mother won’t live. Can you bear it?…” Mother and son cried bitterly, and grief filled the ward. I can’t die of my parents, I must get better! His mother prayed for painful tears to wake up Zhou Ping in despair. He began to actively cooperate with the treatment and try his best to exercise.

in July 2019, Zhou Ping received cart treatment, but there were crazy complications. Severe intestinal rejection for more than two months, and virus erosion to the face, nasal septum perforation, eye protrusion. Zhou Ping was unable to breathe, eat or drink, and his eyes ached and could not see. He experienced the most painful ordeal in the past six years of illness. His weight was rapidly reduced from more than 130 kg to only 60 kg. Looking at his son’s skin and bones, he even stood unsteadily. Jiang Xiumei was heartbroken. What made her more anxious was the increasing expenses day by day. During the interval of taking care of her son, she called again and again to borrow money, but more often, there was no answer again and again. “Sometimes, I feel like I’m going crazy!” Jiang Xiumei hid outside the ward and wept.

with the passage of time and seven years of anti-cancer, the young academic bully who was in high spirits at that time, is now very strange to him in the outside world. Blood transfusion, bone marrow puncture, CT nuclear magnetic resonance, biological immunity, infection virus These unfamiliar terms are now his normal life. He can only feel the beautiful world outside through this small window. In the past, most of my classmates have been admitted to a good university. There is no communication between the two strange worlds. After a life of death, Zhou Ping’s only belief now is to live well, for himself and for his family! Only by living can he repay his family members who have suffered so much for themselves.

for seven years, the family has suffered too much. In order to give Zhou Pingsheng hope, the family dragged the heavy burden of life forward. Nearly 2 million yuan has been spent on the treatment, up to more than 800000 at their own expense, not including the cost of rent and living. Most of them are loans or even high interest loans. Many relatives can’t borrow the next time. Now a happy holiday, they can not send out in the address book of friends, relatives and friends are afraid to borrow. Jiang Xiumei remembers every debt carefully. In recent years, she has been relying on new debts to pay off old debts. Only by tearing down the east wall to pay Paul’s wall has she persisted. However, she is no longer “helpless” and “no wall can be torn down”. She is often forced to be desperate, but her determination to save her children has never wavered.