Before the occurrence of vascular blockage, there are usually three signals in sleep at night. Middle aged and elderly people should pay more attention to them

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only when this passage is kept clean and unobstructed can it deliver nutrients to the whole body until the end of life. Once the blood vessel is blocked, no matter where it is blocked, it will cause serious harm to the human body.

do you have chest tightness in your daily life, especially when you sleep at night. If you have, you really need to be alert. In the process of sleeping, because the body is also resting, some moisture will be emitted from the skin, breathing and so on.

for people whose blood vessels are blocked, it is easy to make the blood flow not smooth. It brings great pressure to the heart that needs to supply blood and oxygen, so it is easy for you to have chest tightness. At this time, you should pay attention to the blood vessels.

if a person does not sleep and drools at ordinary times, but suddenly drools frequently for a period of time, it is necessary to pay attention to that the blood vessels in the brain may be blocked.

at this time, we also need to observe whether we have been salivating unilaterally, and check whether there are mouth corners skew, eyes not closed tightly and so on, so as to judge whether the cerebral blood vessels are blocked.

our intake of fat can meet the basic needs of the body and ensure the normal operation of the human body, but too much fat will cause some troubles. On the one hand, it is easy to deposit in blood vessels and cause blockage, on the other hand, it will increase blood viscosity.

after eating salty food, blood vessels will be affected in just 30 minutes. Under normal circumstances, when the heart pumps blood through blood vessels, nitric oxide will be produced, which can relax blood vessels and smooth blood flow. Salt can block the release of nitric oxide and the expansion of blood vessels.

in addition, when people are extremely angry, their heart beats faster and their blood pressure rises. If their blood vessels are fragile, it is easy to cause blood vessel rupture.

boiled water and light tea are the best drinks to dilute blood. Therefore, it is suggested to prevent cardiovascular problems in life, drink more water and light tea.

tea helps to reduce the viscosity of our blood and the probability of lipid accumulation in our blood vessels. Brewing three or five cups a day plays an important role in vascular health.

breakfast is very important for people. No matter how busy they are at work or studying, they must have a nutritious and rich breakfast, and they need an appropriate amount of protein and vitamins.

jogging, fast walking, swimming, all kinds of aerobic exercise, gymnastics to help muscles stretch and joints soften, even slight muscle strength exercise and other activities can improve blood circulation, slow down the heart rhythm and reduce the burden on the heart.

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