Beijing birth certificate system failure for 4 days

“The city’s hospital birth certificate system is broken, the child can not do birth certificate, from No. 1 until now it has been three days, the system has not been restored!” Recently, Ms. Zhang, the parent, is worried about the birth certificate of her child. On November 1, Ms. Zhang’s child was born in Beijing Ditan hospital. However, she was told by the hospital that the birth certificate system in Beijing was out of order and could not be issued for the time being. On the 2nd and 3rd, Ms. Zhang waited patiently in the ward, but she was still told that she could not handle the case until the 4th, which made her extremely anxious. Ms. Zhang said several parents around her were worried about it. < / P > < p > “my child was born in Beijing Changping integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital on October 24. At that time, the hospital asked us to make an appointment for a birth certificate three days later. However, after the appointment time passed, the system was said to be paralyzed, and now it has not been successfully handled.” Parents, Mr. Du said. “The child was born more than 10 days, waiting for the birth certificate on the household registration, medical insurance, return to the hometown ticket are returned several times.” In Beijing Huaxin hospital, many parents are waiting anxiously. What we are worried about is that if we can’t handle the birth certificate, we will delay the follow-up work, such as registering the children and running social security. Forenoon,

, Ms. Zhang found that the official account of WeChat palm health showed that the January 1 issue of birth certificate also referred to the requirement of “handling by mother personally, only in the morning and at the end of the month”. “After discharge, follow-up to the hospital for treatment, may also need to do nucleic acid testing again, too troubling people.” Ms. Zhang said. This morning, the Beijing Daily reporter called the maternal and Child Health Service Department of Beijing Municipal Health Commission. The staff said that there was indeed a technical failure in the Beijing newborn birth certificate system. At present, the information company maintaining the system is in urgent repair and is expected to recover tomorrow. < / P > < p > “since last Sunday, the system has collapsed, and the whole city is in rush repair. Yesterday, people from the information company told us that the system can be restored today, but there is no information about when the system will be restored today. It is conservatively estimated that it will be able to recover tomorrow, and then you can contact the hospital.” < / P > < p > the staff said that the child can also go back to the hospital for birth certificate after discharge. As for the specific time when the system will be restored, there will be no unified notice on the official website of the health commission and other channels. Parents should contact the hospitals themselves to find out. PARRENT&CHILDREN