Beijing: closed kindergarten management

After the beginning of the school, kindergartens implement closed management. At a press conference held by the Beijing Municipal Commission of education on the opening of schools of all levels and types in Beijing in 2020, Li Yi, a spokesman for the Municipal Education Commission, said that it was necessary to strictly implement the identification and registration management of non kindergarten teachers and students, and that irrelevant personnel should not enter the kindergarten.

each class should stagger the peak, enter and leave the park at the wrong time to prevent personnel gathering. It is necessary to restrict the scope and scale of activities of teachers, staff and children. When arranging activities, games, meals, naps and other daily life links among the smallest unit groups, we should try our best to avoid the cross meeting between different groups. At the same time, teachers should be relatively fixed to reduce the flow and overlap between different unit groups and minimize the cross flow of personnel.

in addition, kindergartens resumed normal arrangement of care and education activities, and did not carry out cross grade and class activities, so as to reduce the number of people gathered. Strengthen the physical exercise arrangement of children, and arrange physical exercise with appropriate content and form according to the characteristics of children’s age.