Beijing college entrance examination registration officially launched in 2021

At 8 a.m. yesterday, the online application system for enrollment examination of Beijing’s colleges and universities in 2021 was officially opened. According to the arrangement, the time for Beijing candidates to submit their application information online is from 08:00 on November 1 to 20:00 on November 4. The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Beijing education examination institute that the target of enrollment for this year’s college entrance examination has also been announced, and 20 points can be added to the two categories of candidates for high enrollment.

the reporter of Beiqing daily noted that the online application system for Beijing college entrance examination students this year is divided into two entries: “fill in the information for the first time” and “login for candidates with existing information”. Click “fill in information for the first time”, and the system page will remind candidates of the conditions to be met for the registration of the college entrance examination, that is, to abide by the Constitution and laws of the people’s Republic of China, to graduate from a senior secondary education school or have the same educational level, and their physical conditions meet the relevant requirements. At the same time, five categories of personnel who are not allowed to sign up are defined. After clicking next step, candidates need to fill in personal information such as name, gender, nationality, ID number, and set up login password.

Beijing education examination institute reminds candidates to enter the registration system or login the ID number and password when they login again. If the candidate has the relevant information, then you need to enter the ID number and password and the verification code before you can login to the system. According to the arrangement, from 08:00 on November 8 to 20:00 on November 11, 2020, candidates who have passed the preliminary qualification examination will fill in the registration information online and pay the fees; before November 20, 2020, the on-site registration qualification confirmation shall be completed according to the time and place specified by the registration unit.

according to the Beijing Education Examination Institute, according to the Beijing Education Examination Institute, the children of martyrs and the veterans who have won the second-class meritorious service or have been awarded the honorary title by the units above the war zone during their service, can increase 20 points on the basis of the total score of the college entrance examination, and provide files to colleges and universities. Those who add 10 points to the total score of the college entrance examination and provide files to colleges and universities include returned overseas Chinese, children of overseas Chinese, children of Returned Overseas Chinese, candidates from Taiwan Province, and retired soldiers with independent employment. These examinees are examined by colleges and universities to decide whether to accept them.

ethnic minority candidates from border areas, mountainous areas, pastoral areas and areas inhabited by ethnic minorities who transfer to study in the city at the stage of senior secondary education will increase 5 points on the basis of the total score of the college entrance examination, and provide files to colleges and universities, and the university will review and decide whether to enroll. The policy is only applicable to Beijing Municipal Colleges and universities. In addition, the measures also specify several types of candidates who should be given priority in admission, including the children of soldiers who have won second-class merit in peacetime or won third-class merit or above in wartime.

the Beijing Education Examination Institute reminds that candidates who meet the conditions of multiple additional points in the college entrance examination will not be given cumulative bonus points, and only the highest score will be used as the additional score of candidates. Next