Beijing high school entrance examination admission notice to be delivered in 2020

On the morning of August 17, Xiao Li, who lives in Shimen District, Baiziwan, nanmofang Township, Chaoyang District, was pleased to receive the admission notice from Duan Xiuying, a delivery clerk in Shuangjing delivery department. “Thank you. I’m looking forward to your letter of acceptance.”

compared with the previous years, the delivery of admission notice for this year’s high school entrance examination is different from that in previous years. It is mainly affected by the epidemic situation, so it is no longer uniformly sent by the postal department, but distributed to the candidates by various enrollment schools.

in order to ensure the delivery quality and delivery time limit of the letter of acceptance for the senior high school entrance examination in the postal channel, Chaoyang District Post Branch Company, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the higher authorities, strictly checks the receiving and sending links, so as to improve the processing quality and speed up the processing efficiency.

standards and requirements have also been formulated for the depth, time limit and delivery procedures of the letter of acceptance for the senior high school entrance examination: each postal delivery department shall take the appointment delivery method to make sure that it is timely and properly delivered, and it shall be delivered to the addressee or the legal recipient according to the most specific address of the addressee. It is strictly prohibited to deliver the mail to the receiving and sending room, proxy delivery point, village post station and other departments. It is required that the addressee should show his / her valid identity card and indicate the name and number of the certificate on the delivery list. If the recipient is not available and collected by his / her family, he / she should show the recipient’s admission card, valid ID card and the recipient’s valid ID card, and confirm and annotate the collection relationship and certificate number. When the recipient is not at home and the mail cannot be delivered, the delivery personnel should paste a “notice note” at the door of the recipient’s home for notice. In addition, the delivery personnel should also contact with each other to prevent the mail from being returned easily, so as to ensure that the mail is properly delivered. The delivery staff should take the letter of acceptance mail with them when delivering, so as to ensure the safety of the mail.

the majority of high school entrance examination candidates should also pay attention to answer the phone call from the postal department recently, so as to receive their admission notice as soon as possible. Luanban