Beijing Municipal Commission of Education: school canteens are not allowed to produce and sell raw food

With the beginning of school approaching, a campus food safety inspection covering school canteens, supermarkets around the campus and catering service units will be launched. The campus food safety inspection was jointly initiated by the Municipal Education Commission and the municipal market supervision bureau, lasting for one month. The school canteens in the whole city; the group meal distribution units providing meals for students; and the food business units around the school, including catering service units, supermarket convenience stores and food markets, are included in the inspection scope. The Education Commission requires to strengthen the management of cold chain food, especially imported cold chain food. It is not allowed to purchase cold chain food without relevant license, business license and product qualification certificate. In principle, canteens at all levels and types of schools are not allowed to produce and sell high-risk food such as cold food, raw food, flower cake, kidney bean and fresh day lily. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!