Beijing: nearly 180000 new pre-school education degrees have been added in three years

Yesterday, the 26th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Beijing Municipal People’s Congress heard and deliberated the municipal government’s report on the completion of the three-year action plan for preschool education and the opinions and suggestions of the education, science, culture and Health Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress. Liu Yuhui, director of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said the tasks proposed in the action plan will be completed by the end of this year. As of October this year, 90% of school-age children have been admitted to kindergartens. The problem of “difficulty in entering kindergartens” has been basically alleviated, and the inclusive rate has reached 87%. The phenomenon of running kindergartens without certificates has been basically eliminated. The city’s pre-school education has achieved the expected goals in terms of the kindergarten admission rate, inclusive rate, the management and standardized development of unlicensed kindergartens. During the implementation of the action plan, nearly 180000 academic degrees were added in the city. Among them, 403 kindergartens were newly built, rebuilt and expanded through the implementation of important livelihood practical projects, about 93000 new degrees were added; about 35000 degrees were increased by tapping the potential and encouraging social forces to run kindergartens in various forms; about 51000 degrees were added to community kindergartens by guiding the transformation and upgrading of unlicensed parks. In terms of cleaning up unlicensed parks, 197 were approved as private parks, 440 were registered as community parks after rectification, and a number of unlicensed parks with serious security risks were banned. As of October, 252 unlicensed kindergartens in the city’s standing books were under rectification, none of which had opened their kindergartens, and the former kindergarten children had been properly placed. < / P > < p > in the past three years, the city has continuously increased the investment in preschool education, and the city has arranged a total of 11 billion yuan of special transfer funds for preschool education in the District, an increase of 5.127 billion yuan or 87.3% compared with the period from 2015 to 2017. As of October, there are 1989 inclusive kindergartens in the city, with about 500000 children in kindergartens. The inclusive rate of preschool education in the city has reached 87%. < p > < p > in order to strengthen and standardize the management of parks, private parks are included in the scope of full-time supervision and quality supervision and evaluation, and the evaluation standards and requirements are consistent with those of public parks. All types of kindergartens in the city have full coverage of video surveillance in children’s public activity areas, one button alarm coverage, and full coverage of security guards. Through the government purchase of services and other ways to supplement teachers, improve the proportion of senior teachers in kindergartens, get through the series of primary and secondary school teachers’ professional titles, and bring kindergarten teachers held by non education administrative departments into the scope of teachers’ professional title evaluation. In the past three years, the preschool education specialty set up by higher education institutions in the city has trained nearly 15000 teachers for preschool education. According to Liu Yuhui, the total amount of preschool education degree resources in the city can basically meet the demand for kindergarten admission of permanent school-age children, but there is still a problem of uneven distribution of resources between regions and within regions. The allocation of excellent managers, professional teachers and teaching and research personnel is not enough to support the city’s preschool education to achieve higher quality development. < / P > < p > in order to further optimize the distribution of preschool education resources, the city will strengthen the management of supporting kindergartens in the community, build them in strict accordance with the standard, ensure the handover as scheduled, and persist in holding public or inclusive private kindergartens. In addition, international kindergartens will be laid out in the vicinity of international talent community, embassy area, CBD and national cultural industry innovation experimental area. The education, science, culture and Health Commission of the Municipal People’s Congress believes that there are still some shortcomings in the construction of preschool education teachers in the city. The teachers in non – editorial and in – service teachers have not fully realized equal pay for equal work. The existing financial subsidies and charging standards can only guarantee the general level of operation of inclusive kindergartens, and lack of necessary development funding support. The Committee suggests that we should explore new ways to guarantee the construction of kindergartens in addition to the construction of residential areas, and support the transformation of qualified enterprises and institutions into kindergartens. We should study the ways and long-term mechanism to solve the problem of equal pay for equal work between non regular teachers and teachers on the job, and continue to promote the gradual increase of teachers’ salaries in kindergartens run by non education departments. 08/17/2020