Beijing: prevention of norovirus and other diseases and prevention of various examinations

Novel coronavirus pneumonia municipal government in Beijing this afternoon, the 174th news conference of the new prevention and control of coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing, Xu Hejian, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of the municipal Party committee, director of Municipal Information Office and municipal government spokesman, introduced the work of epidemic prevention and control and examination and epidemic prevention in various schools in the city. Do a good job in norovirus disease prevention and all kinds of examination epidemic prevention, to ensure the safety and health of teachers and students. The majority of examinees in the city should understand, support and cooperate with the epidemic prevention policy, and work hand in hand with the education department and examination department to ensure the safe and smooth completion of the examination. In the second half of 2020, the written examination of Beijing primary and secondary school teacher qualification examination was smoothly completed on October 31. All candidates successfully participated in the examination in accordance with the established work plan and with the requirements of nucleic acid detection and other epidemic prevention requirements. During the examination period, epidemic prevention and control work was in place, and various measures were strictly implemented to ensure the health and safety of the majority of candidates and staff Security. CUISINE&HEALTH