Beijing: school canteen staff must hold nucleic acid test certificate

After the beginning of the new semester, all employees in the school canteen must hold the health examination certificate and the negative certificate of nucleic acid test of new coronavirus pneumonia, and special personnel shall be responsible for the morning and afternoon examination of staff every day.

as the opening of school is approaching, a campus food safety inspection covering the school canteen, supermarkets and catering service units around the campus will be launched. On the 19th, the Municipal Education Commission said that schools should establish a self-examination and self-evaluation system for food safety, establish accounts for hidden dangers and problems identified in the inspection, formulate remediation measures one by one, and define the time limit for solving them. At the same time, each school should report the situation of self-examination, self-assessment and self-improvement to the administrative department of education in the jurisdiction before the formal opening of school.

the inspection is jointly initiated by the Municipal Education Commission, the municipal market supervision bureau and the Municipal Health Commission, and will last for one month. The school canteens in the whole city; the group meal distribution units for students; the food business units around the school, including catering service units, supermarkets, convenience stores and food markets, will be included in the inspection scope.

during the inspection process, the market supervision departments, education administrative departments and health and health departments of each district will strengthen communication, coordination and linkage according to their respective responsibilities, and conduct special supervision and inspection on the campus food safety and infectious disease prevention and control work of the school. For example, the health department of each district should carry out a full coverage inspection on the prevention and control of infectious diseases and the safety of drinking water in schools that have started school. The market supervision department of each district shall conduct a full coverage inspection on the canteen and student meal distribution enterprises of all schools in the jurisdiction. The key inspection contents include nucleic acid detection, health control, use of intelligent thermometer, raw material purchase and purchase inspection, etc. In addition, the student meal distribution enterprises which have been closed due to the students’ holiday should completely kill and clean the operating environment before the school starts to resume work, conduct a comprehensive investigation on the stored food and food raw materials, and strictly prevent the expired and deteriorated food from entering the processing link.

food business units operating within 200m around the school are also facing “big test”. The health control and environmental disinfection of employees in food sales units; the business situation of seasoning flour products, cooked meat products, baked food, pastry, drinks and other students’ frequently purchased varieties; the appearance quality status of food labels and the control of business process will become the key points of inspection.

the school canteen is the focus of this inspection. The education administrative departments of all districts should urge the schools preparing for school to organize the self inspection, self-assessment and self-improvement of food safety, comprehensively check the hygienic conditions of the kitchen environment, ensure that the processing sites, equipment and facilities, tools and appliances are clean and tidy, the storage and processing of raw materials are operated separately according to their properties, and there is no cross pollution, and the prevention and control measures of vector such as rat baffle and fly killing lamp are complete. At the same time, the school should comprehensively check the inventory of food cleaning, no expired deteriorated food and food raw materials.

the health of employees in the canteen will also be under control. All employees in the canteen must hold the health examination certificate and the negative certificate of nucleic acid test of new coronavirus pneumonia, and carry out morning and afternoon examination every day. Employees should wear work clothes, hair caps, masks, gloves and other personal protection facilities.

after the school starts, the education administrative departments of all districts will also comprehensively check the implementation of various epidemic prevention and control measures, including the wearing and use of intelligent thermometer by canteen operators.

the purchase of raw materials will also be comprehensively inspected. All catering units should ask for certificates, tickets and appearance inspection to ensure that all raw materials are traceable. In the form of a notice, the Municipal Education Commission has designated key points: “strengthen the management of cold chain food, especially imported cold chain food. It is not allowed to purchase cold chain food without relevant license, business license, product qualification certificate and other supporting materials.” “when purchasing aquatic products, it is necessary to check whether there are documents such as legal source certificate, and it is not allowed to purchase and process illegal fishing catch or unknown source Aquatic products “.

in addition, food business places such as snack shops and supermarkets are generally not allowed in kindergartens of primary and secondary schools. If it is necessary to set up such places, permission shall be obtained according to law, and high salt, sugar and high-fat food shall be avoided. In principle, canteens at all levels and types of schools are not allowed to produce and sell high-risk food such as cold food, raw food, flower cake, kidney bean and fresh day lily.

after the school starts, the education administrative departments of each district should also know about the travel situation of teaching staff and students during holidays. Teachers and students returning to Beijing from abroad and outside the province should carry out medical observation at home or in centralized isolation according to the requirements, and monitor and record the health status of teachers and students entering the school every day. The joint inspection and group inspection at the municipal level will also take the “four no two direct” method according to the actual situation to conduct random inspection on the implementation of school food safety and infectious disease prevention and control. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here