Beijing’s primary and secondary schools will open next week, and these local market supervision departments have begun to investigate

Beijing News: primary and secondary schools in Beijing will officially open next week. On August 28, the reporter learned from the Beijing market supervision department that the catering stores, glasses preparation, stationery shops, grocery stores and small supermarkets around the school have been inspected in succession. < p > < p > this week, the law enforcement personnel of Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau came to the shopping malls, supermarkets and stationery shops under the jurisdiction of Tongzhou District to carry out a comprehensive inspection on the stationery market, and strictly prevent the “three no” stationery and unqualified stationery from entering the market. < p > < p > law enforcement officers came to a stationery store near the children’s palace in Tongzhou District, where many students and parents came to buy stationery for the new semester. The law enforcement personnel checked the purchase records, and selected the stationery with large sales in recent years such as pens, books, pencil bags and schoolbags according to the types of stationery, and checked whether the manufacturer, trademark and manufacturer address of stationery product labels were complete. < / P > < p > in a stationery chain store near the sixth middle school in Tongzhou District, law enforcement officers also carry out sensory inspection on stationery such as watercolor pens and correction fluid by looking, smelling and touching. If the stationery with pungent smell and rough production is found, they will pay attention to it. Once suspected of quality problems, they will be sent to professional testing institutions for quality inspection. < p > < p > law enforcement personnel also carried out inspections on grocery stores and small supermarkets around the campus, and strengthened the inspection and specification of “Wumao food”, food seller qualification, purchase inspection, food storage and other aspects within 200 meters around the campus. On the morning of August 27, the law enforcement officers of Yongshun Town market supervision office came to a number of grocery stores and small supermarkets opposite Yongshun primary school to carry out law enforcement inspection, focusing on students’ purchase of relatively concentrated small snacks such as bread, ham sausage, bottled drinks, lollipops, jelly, etc., and specially selected the food at the bottom and deepest part of the shelf, and carefully checked the production date and shelf life. “Especially for the food with the price lower than 2 yuan, the snacks mixed with food and toys in the same packaging bag, as well as the food made on site and sold in bulk, we will also ask the operator for the test report during the inspection, and supervise that they must sell in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the food safety regulations.” Yongshun Town Market Supervision Office Deputy Director Chen Bing said. The market supervision bureau of Changping District, together with the urban management, environmental protection, safety supervision, traffic teams and police stations, carried out a surprise inspection on the catering industry around the school of economics and management and Gonghua school. This time, a total of 21 catering stores were inspected, mainly aiming at the problems such as lighting certificate, cleaning kitchen, gas pipeline, smoke and exhaust, noise pollution, garbage classification and random parking. < / P > < p > the problem of improper hanging of business license and food business license of three stores was standardized. Three bulletin boards for settlement of consumer disputes were issued. The environmental noise of six restaurants was detected, and the potential safety hazard of hanging signboards in three stores was eliminated. More than 30 cars, electric vehicles and bicycles parked and occupied sidewalks were investigated and approved Comment on education. < p > < p > every year before the new semester starts, it is the peak time for children and adolescents to prepare glasses. Before the start of the school, Mentougou District Market Supervision Bureau supervised and inspected 8 glasses preparation units in its jurisdiction. < / P > < p > the law enforcement personnel focus on the inspection of the refractometer, focimeter and refractor lens box used by each unit, check the validity period of verification, the working status and use frequency of the equipment, so as to ensure the normal use of the instruments and equipment within the verification period. Through the inspection, all units actively cooperate and provide relevant certificates and certificates. The measurement management system of the unit is complete. The measuring instruments are registered and managed by special personnel. The operators complete the system training. A total of 27 sets of measuring instruments in use were inspected, all of them were within the inspection cycle, which could meet the needs of various types of vision correction. From August 21 to August, the food safety bureau of Shunyi will carry out a one month inspection on food safety in Shunyi district. The school canteen, kindergarten canteen, group meal delivery unit for students and catering service units around the school are the key points of inspection, so as to achieve full coverage inspection. < / P > < p > in the past two days, the food and beverage service safety supervision division, together with the territorial Market Supervision Institute, carried out food safety supervision and inspection on the experimental school of Niulanshan No.1 middle school, two junior high schools of Renhe middle school, and two high schools of Niulanshan No.1 Middle school and Shunyi No.1 middle school. Law enforcement personnel conducted risk investigation on key links such as food processing and production, operation of facilities and equipment, food sample retention, tableware cleaning and disinfection, meal separation operation, food processing area and dining area environmental sanitation. It is suggested that schools should not purchase wild animals and their products. < p > < p > in the inspection, the school canteen and surrounding catering units were also guided to improve the quality of catering service by actively improving hardware facilities, reasonably transforming the layout, and improving the management system. 08/16/2020