Believing that her boyfriend “won’t get pregnant for the first time”, an 18-year-old girl went to obstetrics and gynecology with tears and went to university with injuries

With the gradual opening up of social thoughts, there will be a phenomenon of “pseudo precocity” among teenagers. In fact, pseudo precocity refers to a precocious reaction in body and mind, but they do not have a very accurate understanding of the relevant sex education, so they often make some bad measures because of “ignorance”.

an 18-year-old girl is just graduating from high school and ready to start her beautiful college life. However, her world outlook has been subverted by a hospital examination.

before going to the hospital, the girl had a sudden abdominal pain for a few days, and at the same time became more sleepy. The most strange thing was that she found that her “big aunt” who was very punctual every month was absent. She thought it was caused by eating bad food, so she reported to the Department of Gastroenterology, but at last the doctor suggested that she should be transferred to gynecology.

the girl has been emphasizing with the doctor, “I am the first time, how can I get pregnant? It’s impossible The girl’s boyfriend told the girl that she would not get pregnant for the first time. As a result, the girl believed her boyfriend because of the lack of sex education. But the girl has been admitted to her ideal university, the beautiful university life beckons to her, but had to do abortion in obstetrics and gynecology with tears, and went to university with heart and body injuries.

the lack of sex education for children in today’s society is a very wide range of things. Especially for girls, many people don’t know what kind of sexual behavior will lead to pregnancy. They are often fooled into planting unexpected pregnancy in a moment of ignorance.

Nowadays, children’s curiosity is very strong. If children accidentally find or come into contact with some “signs” about sexual relations, their ignorance and curiosity will let them check some relevant information through various channels.

now, there are a lot of sexual knowledge “in line with” Teenagers’ curiosity “in the society or on the Internet, but they are often provided by some vulgar and bad websites. If children often watch, whether it is to study or physical and mental will cause a very bad impact.

the girl mentioned above was cheated because of her ignorance. She didn’t know that her original behavior would cause such consequences until the results came out.

although the teacher can teach biology, it is still too late. Even in some remote mountainous areas, there is no such course, so children are completely unfamiliar with this aspect, so the probability of being cheated becomes very high.

since ancient times, China has always felt that it is not good to put “sex” on the table. However, the times are constantly changing, and the mind should keep pace with the times. It is too late for children to talk about sex after they make mistakes.

sex education at this time should not be too abstruse, because children do not know much. At this time, children should be taught to distinguish between gender and start to know themselves and the opposite sex. Start teaching them to distinguish between gender roles and awareness.

parents should also cultivate their gender appearance image. Many parents will like to dress their son like a daughter or vice versa when they were young, which will make their children develop into homosexuality in the future.

it’s time to start distinguishing the details of privacy for children. What part of oneself can’t be touched by others, and what should be done if it is touched by the opposite sex, these conscious behaviors should be explained to children clearly.

then at home, children should be provided with independent rooms, pay attention to the difference between men and women, teach boys to respect women, and girls should know how to protect themselves.

this period is actually a period when many teenagers begin their sexual enlightenment. They will have a stage of wanting to communicate with the opposite sex, and it is also a stage of rapid development of youth.

parents should carry out complete sex education for their children in this period of time, such as the physical health of adolescence, the precautions for men and women’s communication, the consequences of premature sexual behavior, and so on. The most important thing is the self-protection of women and the moral problems that are too much discussed between the sexes. Focus