Belly bulge? That’s visceral fat too much! Four ways to flatten your abdomen

If it’s not to be an Internet celebrity or a star, boys have no requirement for their own body. They still eat big fish and meat every day, drink and eat snacks. We can see that there are many over 30 boys, nine of ten have a big belly. < / P > < p > although boys don’t care about their body shape, overweight belly means that your visceral fat is too high. The most common male with a big belly is like this: < / P > < p > from the picture, the boy’s belly is comparable to that of a pregnant woman who has been pregnant for eight months. And the boy’s belly is the fat to prop up big, you can imagine, how much fat in the belly, can make the belly so big? < / P > < p > excessive visceral fat not only affects the figure, but also causes great depression and damage to the internal organs of the body, affecting their own health. < / P > < p > get rid of the high calorie diet and have a healthy diet. Many people eat hot pot, sauerkraut, fish, barbecue, hamburger and other high calorie food when they go out of the street, and their body will be so easy to get fat. < / P > < p > these high calorie foods are less nutritious, and eating them once in a while is not a big problem. However, modern people’s way of life is to eat takeout from Monday to Friday, and eat the high calorie food mentioned above on Saturday and Sunday. How can they not get fat? < / P > < p > insist on doing more fat reducing meals by yourself, and eat healthy, then you can lose weight faster. During weight loss, add more protein, high dietary fiber food and a small amount of carbon water and fat, balanced nutrition. < / P > < p > if you have the habit of sitting for a long time, you must change it. Don’t always let yourself sit. If you can’t sit down soon, get more exercise. < / P > < p > when you sit for 1 hour, you can get up and walk for 15 minutes, dredge the blood flow in the lower body, and relieve the pressure brought by sedentary. Especially in your lumbar spine, you will find that after a long time of sitting, your tail vertebrae is easy to ache, which is caused by daily sedentary. < / P > < p > brush fat 4 times a week to help your body burn fat and burn calories. Generally speaking, aerobic exercise, such as running, can achieve a good grease brushing effect by persisting for more than 45 minutes at a time. < / P > < p > if your body fat rate is more than 30%, it is recommended to take a brisk walk or walk to reduce the body fat rate, and then run, so that the pressure on your knees is not so great. < / P > < p > if you are not satisfied with the weight loss effect brought by running, you can also carry out rope skipping, HIIT interval training and other ways to promote body fat burning and fat reduction, improve your body fat burning speed, and promote the decline of body fat rate. < / P > < p > during the weight loss period, appropriate strength training can be carried out to improve muscle mass and body metabolism. For example: you can do squats, push ups or lunge squats at home to increase your muscle content. Although the muscle augmentation effect of self weight training is not as good as that of equipment training, it is not easy to complete 100 squats and 100 push ups for novices who want to lose weight. And insist on doing these two basic movements, on their own muscle building also has a good effect. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE