Beware of liver tumors, these four kinds of people should not relax, especially do not let go of these “clues”

With the continuous improvement of living conditions, more and more people begin to pay attention to the importance of physical health, but the means of maintaining health is not enough. Some people think that they feel some pain, that there is no big problem, tolerance will pass, but there are very serious consequences hidden behind. The liver area is located in the right upper abdomen, mainly in the right costal region. Although it is not painful, it must be paid enough attention because it may be a signal of the arrival of liver tumor. Although the liver tumor of < / P > < p > may not be inherited, it has family aggregation, that is to say, if someone in the family has liver tumor, the offspring or other relatives should pay enough attention to it. We should do a good job on the prevention of liver tumors, because they have a higher risk of liver tumors than ordinary people. Liver disease is not immutable. If it is not treated and controlled in time, it will develop and worsen slowly. Many liver disease patients, especially hepatitis patients, can not be treated properly, will deteriorate into liver cirrhosis and even liver tumor. The most important thing for liver disease patients is to prevent liver cancer. < / P > < p > wine is very harmful to human health, especially for the health of the liver. Most alcohol is metabolized through the liver. If excessive drinking is maintained for a long time, alcohol will affect the function of the liver, which will lead to many liver diseases, such as fatty liver and alcoholic liver. These liver diseases are on the one hand, long-term alcohol on the other hand, both of which may cause liver tumors. Although fatty liver does not appear to have many obvious symptoms, it may worsen if it is not treated and controlled in time, and there is also a risk of liver tumor. Most of the patients with fatty liver have bad habits in diet, like to eat some high fat, oily food. I hope you can develop healthy eating habits and eat more healthy food. There is also a need to pay attention to, that is, do not eat moldy food, because moldy food contains aflatoxin, a tumor causing substance, long-term consumption will also cause tumors. < / P > < p > if the long tumor is very large, the patient will have abdominal distension. Some liver tumor can cause liver ascites, in addition to abdominal distension, will also feel abdominal pain. After all, the liver is an important organ of digestion. So the emergence of liver tumor will affect people’s appetite, let people become anorexia, do not want to eat, coupled with poor digestion, people will rapidly lose weight. < / P > < p > basically, all tumors have fever, and so do liver tumors. Tumor necrosis will make people’s temperature rise, but because of the tumor fever, generally low fever, generally will not exceed 38.5 ℃. < / P > < p > the liver is the silent organ of the human body. Many diseases can only be found after the middle and late stage, so is the liver tumor. Do not ignore the liver area pain this matter, it is best to go to the hospital for examination, or do a tumor screening directly, so as to do everything safe. 08/16/2020