“Big aunt” just left, three kinds of behavior do not have, drink 1 kind of water more, protect the uterus and beauty

Introduction: the temperature is still very high. It is really a troublesome thing to come to “big aunt” at this time. We should not only pad a thick “aunt’s towel”, but also have a lot of things to do. Even if the “aunt” just left, a little inattention, it will cause abdominal pain, menstrual flow is not clean, prolonged menstruation, menstrual disorders and other problems, it is really hard for female compatriots. So, what are the taboos of menstruation? Next, we’re going to introduce three behaviors that “big aunts” can’t do when they just leave. < / P > < p > the first is the risk of gynecological diseases. Because the uterine mouth is not completely closed at the end of menstruation, it is easy for bacteria to enter the uterus at this time, causing various inflammation and infection, leading to uterine damage. Therefore, we should try our best to restrain our desires. The second is easy pregnancy. Many women mistakenly believe that just after the end of menstruation is a “safe period”, so sexual behavior can not take measures. In fact, no matter when, there is no absolute “safety period”. If there is no plan to have a child, contraceptive measures should be taken to prevent more harm to women. During menstruation, the amount of bleeding in women is very large. So after the first 2 days of menstruation, the body is relatively weak. Therefore, many people will be anxious to supplement nutrition at this time, hoping to replenish the lost vitality as soon as possible. However, it has been said in traditional Chinese medicine that “deficiency is not supplemented”. When a person’s body is very weak, it is difficult to have a good absorption and utilization of high protein and high calorie substances. On the contrary, it will increase the burden on the digestive system. < p > < p > therefore, it is suggested that women who have just finished their menstruation should not rush for success. They should first use less light and easily digestible food, and then slowly take in nutritious food for nourishment and nourishment when their intestines and stomachs adapt to it. < p > < p > during menstruation, the coagulation function of women was weakened, and it did not recover completely until the end of menstruation. The extraction of a tooth at the end of menstruation may cause bleeding, even massive bleeding, life-threatening. < p > < p > not only should we keep warm during the menstrual period, but also we should not take it lightly in the days after the end of menstruation. At that time, the female body immunity is also relatively low, it is easy to be infected with wind cold. However, the menstrual period is not completely recovered due to the large amount of energy consumption. At this time, it is easy to have limb pain, fatigue and weakness, lack of spirit and even fall into trouble after strenuous exercise or a lot of work. Therefore, it is recommended to take more rest at this time and wait for the body to recover completely. < / P > < p > we don’t just need to do a good job of cleaning during menstrual period. “Big aunt” after a few days, uterine mouth is not completely closed, it is easy to infection. We should also do a good job in cleaning. Change underwear frequently, clean separately when cleaning, disinfect and sterilize in the sun. Longan, Lycium barbarum, chrysanthemum, dried red jujube, double rose and dried ginger have been traditional Chinese medicine for regulating menstrual blood and protecting uterus since ancient times. The same source of medicine and food, Li Shizhen can prove that longan has the function of nourishing yin and invigorating yang, the double petal rose can nourish blood and regulate menstruation, dry ginger can dispel cold and dampness, wolfberry can nourish Qi, red jujube can nourish beauty. Even the common and common chrysanthemum can clear away heat and toxin, stop dryness and dispel fire. Drink a cup every day to protect the uterus and beauty. What are the three things you don’t want to do when aunt is just gone? Women must learn to pay attention to details, from the side of the bit by bit, good protection of their own. This can not only make menstruation normal, avoid the pain of irregular menstruation, but also protect their own uterus, beauty and beauty, slow down aging. Also pay attention to keep warm, rest, clean, drink 1 more water, hope every woman can be happy, healthy and happy! Focus