Big aunt period, menstruation has “flesh” the same blood clot? Or expose three kinds of problems, don’t ignore them

Women in menstruation have some special changes, do not take it lightly, because special changes in the body may be a signal of disease, many women are too careless, the body has abnormal signals, no attention will make the health affected. In addition, menstruation is an alarm for diseases. It is very important to check timely if there are special menstrual changes. Otherwise, some intractable diseases will continue to develop if the disease signals are missed. So, what is the specific reason why women have blood clots like meat in their menstruation? < / P > < p > women find that they have blood clots like meat when they come to menstruation, which may be a normal physiological phenomenon. Because the production of women’s menstruation is related to the loss of endometrium. If in the process of endometrial shedding, it is not a scattered state, but a piece of falling off, the obvious feature is that there are blood clots like meat, which is what many women will have when they come to menstruation. < / P > < p > but this situation is related to the changes of endometrial exfoliation, not the disease. Therefore, there is such a situation, women should not worry too much, should be through a reasonable way to keep the endocrine level stable, no other adverse symptoms appear, do not need treatment. < / P > < p > women have blood clots like meat during menstruation, and there may be incomplete abortion. If a woman has just experienced a miscarriage, but the abortion is not completely clean in the process of drug abortion, there may be residual gestational sac in the uterus. This situation will also lead to the existence of blood clots like meat during menstruation. < / P > < p > combined with their own comprehensive judgment, if they have just experienced abortion, they should be improved through timely medical treatment, and prevent infection by clearing the gestational sac. Otherwise, the health of the uterus will be threatened, and these special manifestations will be obvious during menstruation, so targeted treatment is needed. < / P > < p > when women come to menstruation, they have blood clots like meat, and they need to know whether there are gynecological diseases. Some types of gynecological diseases in the development process, the body will issue a warning, menstrual blood volume changes, in the body silted up into a block, the obvious feature is that menstrual blood clots, and may be accompanied by a special smell. < / P > < p > once this kind of situation occurs, we should actively treat the health problems of the body, improve the gynecological diseases, and reduce the abnormal menstruation performance. Otherwise, some inflammation will develop, blood clots like meat will be produced, and even abnormal leucorrhea, abdominal pain, abdominal distension and other conditions will occur. It can be seen that when women come to menstruation, they have blood clots like meat, which is related to the above reasons. If only the endometrial mass falls off, this situation does not need to be too worried. However, if the abortion is not clean and gynecological diseases come, we should seriously deal with them and improve them through timely treatment, otherwise women’s health will be affected. 08/16/2020