Big make up water Tucao: Lai Ni Ni is expensive and useless, make complaints about low price of Shiseido Lamer is not recommended.

Or make complaints about the make-up water analysis series. There are still Tucao and recommendation in today’s content. If you don’t want to see, you can leave a message or flip over the previous content. In fact, yeast fermentation extracts are made by Estee Lauder and Lancome, which mainly functions as anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and promoting metabolism of old waste horniness, and promoting skin luster.

in addition to the red tea extract and yeast fermentation product filtrate, glycerin and hyaluronic acid are combined to enhance moisture retention. At the same time, because of the composition of hyaluronic acid, the skin feels slightly sticky.

fresh is a brand of plant skin care. It has good fragrance, pleasant fragrance and high-grade fragrance. It has a good skin feeling. But in terms of ingredient formula, it is really cost-effective.

when doing homework, I also see the feedback from many users. Of course, long closed mouth really is not necessarily the problem of black tea water, but the cost-effective is not high is the fact.

in addition, this water is not suitable for sensitive muscles in terms of ingredients. The oil skin may not like skin feeling, dry skin can be used. The caviar of lepernet caviar is 150ml / 2200 yuan; the caviar series of

LP is the main sturgeon caviar extract. There was no special content about sturgeon sauce extract written last year.

big brand, always good at telling stories, such as: the Himalayan polar flowers of the Estee Lauder platinum series, the French honey of Jiaolan, the rose of Lancome, etc. But what really works in the product is the common ingredients.

the main ingredient of sturgeon caviar extract contains a variety of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, etc. Moisturizing can help to prevent oxidation, anti-inflammatory and improve skin resistance. Besides, yeast fermentation products and ergot sulfur as antioxidants.

I see someone in a red book, PO says that this bottle of water contains 90% of the essence, so the texture is thicker. Can we only say that the essence of all antenna is%? Is the main ingredient of the essence still water? The product is thick in texture, which is the xanthan gum and kapom.

a special cabinet price 600+ makeup water only has moisturizing effect? In addition, kapom and xanthan gum are used as thickeners to adjust skin feeling. And alcohol with a low concentration makes the texture of the thickener look fresh and absorbed. When you wrote about the queen bee pose before, you asked how about Yuting orchid water? As the medium and high-end line of Jiaolan, the price is not so expensive as other big brands. The price of the counter is over 1000, and the price of the consignment is about 600, which is also acceptable.

glycerin, propylene glycol, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients are used as moisturizing ingredients, and the extract of lotus and lecithin are used as antioxidants. Although the active ingredient is not outstanding, it is still cost-effective for lepernet. Of course, if you want to compare this with lamer water, I recommend it.

the skin feeling is still very pleasant, and basically all skin types can be used. The fragrance is still high, and the most important point is the press pump head. It is really convenient. It must be praised that this is a secondary clean water in a red book ~

, and some people say that the function of this is to go black head. But from the composition, this is a basic makeup water ~

according to the general principle, rejuvenation should have the role of promoting horniness metabolism, but this is completely not. The basic alcohol moisturizing is the foundation, and the caffeine and algae extract are combined as antioxidants.

and the product name refers to the skin rejuvenation, in fact, it uses the thick almond seed powder and sunflower seed as friction agents to remove the old horniness on the skin surface by friction. So many people say that it can be understood if they use it.

above are the five big brand water recommendations today. In summary, Shiseido red honeydew, Rapini caviar water and lamer radiant water are not recommended. Fresh black tea water and Jiaolan Yuting orchid are relatively affordable products, but don’t hold too high expectations ~

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