Big stomach King eats 50 Jin “roast Steak”, the lens pulls closer to see the gang, netizen: can’t afford to still pack?

Big stomach king is a very powerful person. They rely on their own stomach and become popular overnight on the Internet. The first question of Xiao Qi is why they can eat like this? Is it because it can be eaten or fake? Before that, there were many people who found that there were some anchors who ate food, which were full of loopholes. There were even “stuntmen” to help them eat, and of course, there were also vomit inducing words. Therefore, people’s appetite has become a “mystery”.

like Xiao Qi’s introduction to you today, he is a very handsome man from Japan. First of all, we don’t want to see whether he is a big stomach king or not. Just by looking at his body, we can see that he is very thin and small. He doesn’t have to weigh more than a hundred pounds. He is actually a king of stomach. In many people’s minds, he is likely to think that he is a king of stomach It’s fatter and stronger, so it’s worthy to be king of stomach, but my brother is just the opposite.

we can see that the food in his hand is what we pay more attention to. We can see that this is a 50kg “roast Steak”. It looks very big, just like a “pillow”. After he opens the package directly, he starts to eat it;

it’s a bit frightening to eat. It feels like we haven’t had a meal for a long time Yes, it really feels good. It tastes soft and chewy, and the meat inside looks delicious.

when I was halfway through eating, I rolled up my sleeves and started eating. I went straight down and took a big bite. It looked like a gorilla. It was a bit frightening. It seemed that it was really edible. But when we looked closer, we didn’t know it was a piece of bread;

in fact, steak is a kind of valuable one, but bread is quite cheap. Netizens have said that they can’t afford it. Don’t pretend! What’s more, he thought he was good at eating, but it was all deceiving. Today, Xiao Qi understood that there are many big stomach King eating, hotpot base made of cake, lobster is props and so on. These cheap means are already out of date.