“Black cat means bad luck, can’t raise”? You never know the joy of having a black cat

Some people think that the black cat is an animal to ward off evil spirits, and the black cat is cute and cute. People can’t help but want to see more. It seems that when you see the black cat, you are attracted by its charm.

as a matter of fact, the phenomenon that black cats are not auspicious and has bad implications first started in Europe. In medieval Europe, there was a “witch wind” in which witches would keep black cats.

what’s more, some people in Europe later said that if a black cat passes by you, it means you have to experience bad things.

if we make complaints about black cats around us, most of us are still influenced by those ancient European legends. And many years ago, Kaige Chen directed many netizens to tell us about the black cats in the play.

I read an article on the Internet before. It was recorded in ancient books that black cats have two kinds of energy: Yin and Yang. Moreover, black cats have stronger perception of the outside world and can feel things that people can’t foresee.

if you really like cats, you don’t mind the breed of cats or the color of their fur. You just like cats and you are willing to keep any cat.

Why do you say that? Because if you get up and go to the bathroom when you don’t turn on the light, you may accidentally step on your cat; even if you turn on the light, it may take a long time to find your black cat.

if they don’t open their eyes, they are really integrated with the darkness and with the black things. You can hardly even find a sleeping cat from the black.

because the whole body hair is black, the black cat will appear bigger eyes, more divine, more cute; no matter what expression the black cat makes, you will feel: Wow, this is too cute, I really want to hold a kiss.

it’s very cool to take pictures of cats, or to take pictures of owners and cats with cats. Moreover, if you have some photography skills, you can take a picture of black cats casually, which is very nice.