Blood disease is difficult to cure, relapse is big! Prevent the recurrence of blood disease, do a good job of “4 prevention, 3 conditioning”

Emotion affects the health of the body. When the mood is comfortable, the blood vessels of the whole body are relaxed, which makes the Qi and blood run smoothly, and the oxygen content in the blood is high, which is beneficial to the disease. Bad mood will make vasospasm, vascular diameter reduction, blood flow is not smooth, reduce oxygen content, affect the recovery of the disease. When people are angry, Qi and blood rush to the heart, causing headache, dizziness, tinnitus and syncope, which leads to leukemia recurrence. In addition, frequent sultry will make liver qi stagnation, Qi can not run normally in the body, thus stagnation into fire, leading to recurrence of the disease. < p > < p > overeating will increase the load of digestion and absorption of spleen and stomach, and damage the spleen and stomach. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach is the root of the day after tomorrow. The spleen and stomach have the function of transportation and transportation. When it is damaged, it will hinder the biochemistry of Qi and blood, lead to deficiency of Qi and blood, reduce immunity, and cause relapse. < p > < p > for normal people, a cold is a small problem, whether or not medication can be self-healing in about a week. But for patients with blood diseases, it is simply adding fuel to the fire, because after a cold, the blood picture and spinal cord will be unstable, aggravating the disease, leading to the recurrence of the disease. < p > < p > the fatigue here includes heavy physical and mental work, and too frequent sex life, which will lose the vitality and essence of the body, weaken the resistance, and eventually lead to the recurrence of blood diseases. < / P > < p > in terms of diet, it is mainly high nutrition and easy to digest, and keep away from spicy, too hard or too hot and too cold food to avoid damaging the spleen and stomach. Only by ensuring adequate nutrition can we support healthy qi and help patients recover. May as well use the iron pot to stir fry dishes or cook rice, this can supplement the body for the body, avoid the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia. Eat more vegetables and fruits, which contain vitamin C and vitamin P, can reduce capillary permeability, reduce body bleeding. Pay attention to food hygiene, eat less seafood and strong wine, strong tea, etc., so as to avoid bleeding. Following the diet structure of high nutrition, high protein, high vitamin and low fat can provide raw materials for the hematopoietic system and facilitate the recovery of hematopoietic function. < / P > < p > pay attention to regulate emotions, correctly face the disease, keep a good mood, and do not let the spirit of excessive tension or panic and sadness. To face everything with a good attitude, cultivate a broad mind and optimistic mood, which can help to control the disease. < / P > < p > arrange daily life reasonably, go to bed early and get up early, actively prevent wind cold and wind heat, and avoid cold. Control the number of sexual life, can not excessive indulgence, otherwise will damage the kidney essence. Do not contact toxic and harmful substances, and do a good job of labor protection. Avoid overuse of drugs, especially those that affect the hematopoietic system, such as anthelmintics, sulfonamides and antipyretic analgesics. Antibiotics should be used strictly in accordance with the doctor’s instructions. Sufficient amount of antibiotics should be used during the treatment to avoid abuse. < p > < p > arrange work and rest reasonably, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, do not let the body too tired, arrange labor and physical exercise appropriately, such as fast walking, Taijiquan, qigong and walking, etc., which can relax the muscles and bones and regulate the blood and blood, which can enhance the resistance and is conducive to the recovery of the disease. Focus