Blood vessel “scavenger” found, not onion fungus, every day open to drink, blood vessels to the end

Blood vessel is the “road” of our whole body, responsible for the transportation of blood, nutrition, oxygen and other parts of our body, so the work is very important.

the healthy operation of the body is inseparable from the support of blood vessels. If the blood vessels are blocked, there will be problems in the blood circulation system. Various organs may suffer from various diseases due to insufficient blood supply. Therefore, our blood vessels need proper maintenance, which is inseparable from our diet and work and rest in daily life. Let’s first understand what kind of symptoms will appear if your blood vessels are blocked, and how to protect our blood vessels. Now we will give you a detailed explanation.

now we usually sit still for a long time at work, and we will only make an appointment to exercise on a whim. Suddenly after strenuous exercise will also appear leg pain, but discharge abrasions and excessive exercise, or will often leg pain, may be your blood vessels blocked. Because the blood vessels of the lower limbs mainly transport oxygen and blood. If the blood vessels of the lower limbs are partially blocked, the blood circulation of the legs will be affected, and the blood transported to the legs will also be reduced, which will cause leg pain or numbness caused by partial ischemia of the legs.

at noon, we all have the habit of lying on the table for a while after lunch. When we sleep, we will feel a little chest tightness, which is caused by long-term oppression. If there is no external resistance, or will often appear chest tightness, it may be because the pulmonary artery blood vessels are blocked, the lungs bear our breath every day, if the pulmonary vasotoxins accumulate too much, the blood flow will be slow, and it is easy to form vascular foreign bodies, which will lead to lung hypoxia or ischemia, and chest tightness will appear.

if you often yawn after you wake up and you have no spirit, you may think that you have not slept well. However, if you have been yawning frequently, it may be that your blood vessels have problems. Besides transporting blood, blood vessels also transport oxygen. The possibility of yawning all the time is that your body is lack of oxygen and needs to be promoted by yawning Expansion into the lungs, can make more oxygen into the body, so that the body can run normally, if you still can’t get relief after rest, you should pay attention to yawning.

when you get up, your vision becomes blurred, and it still hasn’t been improved after washing. It’s not eye diseases, it may be that your carotid artery has vascular congestion. The visual nerve mainly lies in the head, and the carotid artery is the largest blood vessel supplying oxygen and blood to the head. If there is not enough blood and oxygen supply, it will lead to Causes the vision to become blurred unclear, has this kind of situation to carry on the inspection promptly.

if you want the blood vessels to be unobstructed, you need to find a “scavenger” of blood vessels. Many people think it is onion or Auricularia, but it is not, but some small traditional Chinese medicine plants to clear blood vessels. Add some small plants of Chinese medicine into the cup of drinking water every day, and drink it open every day, which has a very good effect on clearing the foreign bodies in blood vessels and let the blood vessels pass through to the end. We all know that we need to replenish enough water every day. Water can accelerate blood circulation and metabolism. If we soak some herbs below, we can get twice the result with half the effort.

these small plants are combined to drink every day to relieve vascular pressure. If you want to relieve blood vessels or want to prevent them, you can drink them every day.

in today’s life, sitting still has become our normal. After a day’s work, we don’t want to work hard to exercise. However, if we don’t exercise for a long time, our body function will deteriorate. Reasonable exercise can also be our sweat to discharge harmful substances from the body. Accelerating blood circulation is our body can be more light and avoid the three high difficulties brought by happiness and fertilizer Every day, you can be energetic and energetic.