Bloody stool, is colonic polyp bowel cancer? What are the early symptoms to be alert to

When we talk about cancer, it can be said that it is the biggest killer of human diseases. It is not easy to find it in the early stage, and it is almost impossible to cure it in the late stage. Today, we will talk about colorectal cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, which is the cancer of the colon and rectum of the human body. Most of them are rectal cancer, which occurs in people over 40 years old.

at present, the etiology is not clear. It is generally believed that it may be caused by the interaction of environment, eating habits, heredity and other factors. It can be said that they affect each other and stimulate each other. Moreover, it is also found that some people who lack of exercise for a long time have a higher risk of disease than those who often have physical activity. It may be that people who exercise often have relatively strong gastrointestinal peristalsis The toxins in the intestine should be eliminated in time to avoid the retention of carcinogens in the body.

for bowel cancer, we are more about prevention, because at present, no matter what kind of cancer, treatment can only be said to relieve the pain of the disease. If we want to completely cure it, the current medical means are not far from enough. We can only help patients to prolong their survival time.

the main symptom of rectal cancer is blood deviation, and most of them are bright red. If you do not have constipation and exclude hemorrhoids, you need to be careful. In addition, you always feel the symptoms of incomplete defecation, diarrhea, abdominal distension, etc. at this time, you need to see a doctor in time for examination.

now the hospital mainly uses colonoscopy, in which doctors can observe the detailed situation of the intestinal tract. It is a relatively accurate medical device with less errors.

in this process, if colon polyps are found, we need to pay attention to it, because almost all malignant tumors start with colon polyps, which eventually form colon cancer. Although not all polyps will become malignant tumors, for the sake of insurance, normal doctors will remove them.

it usually takes several years for polyps to become malignant tumors, but the process is not very fast. In fact, it reminds us of the importance of physical examination, especially for the elderly. It can greatly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Polyps give us opportunities and we can’t help but cherish them.

there is another situation, that is, patients are obviously emaciated, and they eat a lot of food, but they become thinner. This may be because the function of the gut is affected. Tumors will absorb the nutrients that should belong to us to strengthen themselves. Digestive function is reduced. If the body does not absorb the necessary nutrients, the natural weight will be reduced. As long as a normal person does not lose weight and eat normally, he will go on normally Ben, are not easy to thin.

therefore, in addition to the necessary surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted treatment, we should pay special attention to the nutrition of patients. Many patients with advanced stage will suffer from malnutrition. Whether it is a small amount of meals or delivery of nutrient solution, we must improve the nutrition before we can better treat it. After all, the pain of surgery can not be carried without good physical strength.

we should always maintain a positive and sunny attitude, especially in the face of cancer. Good prevention can reduce the cancer rate to the greatest extent. First of all, we should change our lifestyle. We should not overeat and avoid smoking and drinking. We can’t quit. It is also a good performance to reduce the daily consumption.

the second is diet. Vegetables and fruits with high fiber are mainly used. Proper exercise is actually very easy to do. Running around the community for 2 times in the morning, going out for a walk after dinner, shopping malls, dancing in the square are all very easy exercises. People with conditions can form a good habit of annual physical examination. HEALTHY LIFE