Body appears these 3 “smelly”, it is to inform you 1 thing: liver already rotten, check as soon as possible next

There is a saying to describe the impact of liver disease on health, saying that the liver is the thief of all diseases, which means that if the liver is sick, it will lead to many other diseases. In recent years, liver disease is on the rise in China, and there are more and more patients with liver cancer. The number of new liver cancer in China every year accounts for 55% of the world. It can be said that China is a “big country of liver cancer”.

every time liver disease is fierce, it can’t be controlled. It’s because the liver is an organ without pain nerve, so it’s difficult to detect in the early stage, but it’s not easy to detect. It doesn’t mean that there are no signs to find. When liver disease occurs, the body will appear some atypical manifestations, which must be paid attention to.

if you have bad breath and don’t pay attention to oral cleaning, you should consider whether it is caused by liver disease. When the liver is damaged, it will lead to abnormal liver function and increase the concentration of ammonia and urea nitrogen in the blood. Part of the ammonia gas will be emitted through breathing, forming the smell of rotten eggs or rotten apples. Therefore, this kind of halitosis is also called “liver odor”.

when the liver is damaged, the liver can’t work normally, which will lead to the failure to remove the sulfide in the body in time. These harmful substances are not only excreted through breathing, but also excreted through the pores and sweat on the surface of the body. In this way, the patients with liver diseases will emit a bad smell similar to rat odor.

we know that the liver is mainly responsible for the detoxification of the body, so under normal circumstances, 95% of the components in the urine are water, and the remaining 5% are the products of the body metabolism. The urine of healthy adults usually does not have a bad smell. Only when the urine is stored for a long time, resulting in the decomposition of urea, can it generate a strong ammonia odor. If the urination just has a strong urine odor, it may be a signal of liver damage.

when most people have shoulder pain, they will first suspect that it is caused by scapulohumeral periarthritis or overwork. In fact, the cause of this pain may not be simple. It may also be liver damage. This is because when the liver mass grows up, it compresses the surrounding tissue and spreads to the right shoulder, causing shoulder pain.

if the liver function is good, the liver blood will be sufficient, the muscles and bones will be nourished, and the joints will be flexible and healthy. Once the liver function is damaged, the tendon tissue will not get sufficient nutrition, resulting in joint pain, cramps in legs and feet, heavy back and other phenomena.

Finally, make sure you have a good attitude. The liver is in charge of catharsis, and the bad mood will lead to stagnation of liver qi and stagnation of liver qi. A positive and optimistic attitude is helpful for calming the liver and relaxing Qi and maintaining the normal operation of the liver. Focus