Born only a bottle of mineral water weight! Successful treatment of 530g premature baby in Wuxi

Modern Express News on August 13, Dandan, with a birth weight of only 530 grams, was successfully discharged from the hospital under the careful treatment of all medical staff in the Department of Neonatology of Wuxi children’s hospital. At the time of discharge, Dandan’s weight had reached 2000 grams, and she could milk on her own. The reporter of Modern Express learned that this is the lowest weight premature infant successfully treated in Wuxi City so far, which also marks a new step in the treatment of ultra-low birth weight infants in the Department of Neonatology of Wuxi children’s hospital.

on May 13, due to intrauterine growth restriction and her mother suffering from complications, Dandan only stayed in her mother’s abdomen for 30 weeks before coming to the world in a hurry. When she was born, she weighed only 530 grams, almost the same as the weight of a bottle of mineral water. Due to severe asphyxia and no breathing, her condition was very critical. Her twin brother, with a birth weight of 1480g, was also in poor condition. Before they could open their eyes to see their mother, they were transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit of Wuxi children’s Hospital under endotracheal intubation and positive pressure ventilation.

the medical team led by Li Zhengying, director of Wuxi children’s Hospital, and Tang Yunfei, deputy head nurse, have experience in treating 750 grams of ultra-low birth weight infants. However, they still dare not be careless in the face of Dan, which is slightly larger than that of adults, because in the treatment process of premature and low birth weight infants, there are many barriers, especially respiratory, infection and feeding.

at the time of admission, Dandan’s skin was extremely thin and tender, almost like a transparent peptone, and its blood vessels were as thin as hair. In the thigh, only the fingers of nurses’ aunts were thick. With the physiological weight loss, Dandan’s weight was once reduced to 490 grams. The peripheral circulation was extremely poor, and it was easy to necrosis. Blood collection was also extremely difficult.

due to immature lung development, the medical team connected a ventilator to help her breathe and instilled pulmonary surfactant into her trachea for replacement therapy. After the patient’s condition had improved, he was given CPAP assisted ventilation, heated and humidified high flow nasal catheter oxygen supply and other respiratory support. After 50 days, Dandan could breathe freely.

at the beginning of Dandan’s attempt of breast-feeding, abdominal distension appeared. The stomach bulged like a balloon, which could be perforated at any time. Then, hematochezia appeared. Under the guidance of director Li Zhengying, neonatal surgeons participated in the diagnosis and treatment, and a series of measures such as fasting, gastrointestinal decompression and abdominal puncture were given to Dandan. Only then did Dandan’s abdominal distension gradually reduce and gradually establish full oral feeding. In order to ensure the smooth infusion of liquid medicine and nutrient solution, the skilled medical team also successively inserted umbilical vein catheterization and PICC for Dandan.

“when the baby is just born, we send special personnel to take care of it 24 hours a day, closely monitor vital signs, including the temperature and humidity of the incubator, the size of the nipple hole, the speed of nutrient infusion, and even the loss of infusion strips Looking back on the three months of the child’s hospitalization, director Li Zhengying still remembers vividly that the survival of such a low weight premature infant can be called a miracle, which is inseparable from the attentive care of all medical staff in the Department of neonatology.

on August 13, Dandan, who had been hospitalized for three months, was finally able to leave the hospital and reunite with his family. Before leaving, the medical staff in the Department of Neonatology were both happy and reluctant to give up. Tang Yunfei gently changed the clothes for Dan Dan and instructed his father to do “kangaroo nursing”. This was the first time that Dan Dan was held in his arms by his father to feel his father’s heartbeat and warmth. Chen Taoying, a bed doctor, repeatedly told Dan Dan’s parents that they should closely observe the feeding situation and speak more with Dan Everyone has already taken Dan as his own child and cared for it with care. “Thanks to Dan Ke, the head nurse of the Department of Pediatrics in Wuxi, it’s very easy for us to get out of the hospital. It’s very easy for us to nurse the twins in Wuxi! When the baby grows up, I will take them to see more uncles and aunts here! ” Dan Dan’s parents said gratefully.

the reporter of Modern Express learned that as Jiangsu Provincial critical newborn treatment center and provincial key clinical specialty, neonatology department of Wuxi children’s hospital has been committed to improving the treatment ability of acute and critical patients for many years. Nearly 50% of hospitalized patients come for referral every year, and more than 50% of critical patients. The medical team has successfully treated a number of children with respiratory and circulatory failure, pulmonary hypertension, digestive tract malformations, and multi-functional organ disorders, focusing on neonatal intensive care, auxiliary ventilation technology, mild hypothermia treatment, umbilical vein catheterization and synchronous peripheral blood exchange, neonatal brain function monitoring, bronchofibroscopy and other technologies. Through the orderly management of premature infants, the team has achieved success every year Dozens of very low / ultra-low birth weight infants were treated. In their successful treatment of preterm infants, weight from 800 g to 750 g and then to 530 g, with the accumulation of treatment experience, the success rate of treatment gradually increased, I believe that through the efforts of medical staff, more miracles will be created. 08/16/2020