Both men and women, for the sake of health, try not to do three things when taking a bath, so as not to cause trouble to the body

Tired day, go home to take a hot bath, relax muscles at the same time, but also ease the tight nerves, wash away a body of fatigue. After taking a bath, the body seems to be reborn and the pressure dissipates. < / P > < p > for office workers, taking a bath is a way to relieve stress. In the process of taking a bath, we can enjoy our own time alone. In fact, bathing is not only good for cleaning the body. < / P > < p > after running outside for a day, both our body and nerves are in a state of extreme tension. We are all tired and overworked. Take a shower with warm water, the sticky sweat and grease on the body will be washed clean, and the blood of the whole body can also be washed by hot water to accelerate the flow and promote blood circulation. If the blood flow is unobstructed, the body will be much more relaxed, and the fatigue caused by overwork will disappear. < / P > < p > nowadays, few young people are not bothered by insomnia. Many people are often tired during the day and can’t sleep at night. We can’t sleep at ease because of mental pressure and troubles. Taking a hot bath at night can dredge the meridians, improve the body’s detoxification ability, relieve mental pressure, and be more conducive to sleep. < / P > < p > female friends usually can’t avoid the problem of body cold, because their physiological structure leads to the loss of Qi and blood, and they are more vulnerable to the invasion of cold than men, so they often encounter cold hands and feet, dysmenorrhea, chills and other problems. By taking a hot bath, it can help blood circulation, improve the body’s metabolic capacity, discharge cold and moisture, and improve the constitution of deficiency and cold. < / P > < p > many friends like to take a “hot bath”. The “hot water” here is really hot. They may have been used to such a temperature that other people will feel that the water temperature is too hot when they take a bath after they have finished. Although hot bath can promote blood circulation, high water temperature is not only bad for the skin, but also makes the blood vessels expand greatly, causing a burden on the heart. In serious cases, it can also cause brain hypoxia, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms. < / P > < p > especially for the middle-aged and elderly people with hypertension and heart disease, if they often take a bath with too high water temperature, they are prone to coma or even sudden death.

generally, the bath can be cleaned within ten minutes, but there are many friends who listen to songs while bathing. Some people also need to wash and apply the mask and watch TV. Too much “enjoying life” habit will bring a lot of burdens to our bodies. Because the bathroom space is small, the bath time is too long, the oxygen supply is insufficient, coupled with the acceleration of blood circulation, it is easy to have chest tightness, dizziness, dehydration and other symptoms. < / P > < p > northerners like to take a bath. Sometimes they go to the bathhouse outside to take a bath, and there are special staff to help us take a bath. After rubbing, the cutin on the body is reduced and the whole body is relaxed. But if you often use the towel to rub the skin, it’s easy to rub off the sebum film on the body, and this film has the effect of protecting the skin. After rubbing off, the skin’s immunity will decline, and it’s more vulnerable to the threat of bacteria, increasing the risk of skin diseases. < / P > < p > there are many advantages of taking a bath, but there are also many aspects that need our attention. Only by avoiding inappropriate methods can we take a good bath and reap the benefits of taking a bath. When you take a bath, you should remember that you can’t take a bath at four time points: when you are hungry, when you have just finished eating, after staying up late, and after strenuous exercise. Taking a bath at these time points can easily lead to hypoglycemia, dizziness, nausea and even syncope. < / P > < p > summary: now we basically take a bath every day. The frequency of taking a bath requires us to pay more attention to the way of taking a bath. If you don’t take a bath before and after meals, you can only gain the benefits of taking a bath by controlling the water temperature, limiting the bath time, and smearing body milk in time after taking a bath. 08/16/2020