Bowel is “blocked”, poisoning is not surprising, do 4 points, intestinal obstruction or “bypass”

When the intestinal obstruction attacks and lasts for a long time, the tension of the intestinal wall will be significantly increased, which is easy to cause the blood circulation disorder of the intestinal wall. This kind of situation is very easy to cause congestion in the intestinal wall, sometimes there will be plasma exudation, and the blood circulation disorder for a long time, it is easy to lead to local tissue necrosis, serious or even local intestinal necrosis and rupture.

when intestinal obstruction occurs, a large number of harmful substances and wastes cannot be discharged from the body normally, and the toxins in these wastes will be continuously absorbed by the body. If the toxin enters into the blood through the peritoneum, it is easy to cause toxemia, which will make the patient toxic shock and endanger life safety at any time.

after intestinal obstruction, a lot of gases in the intestine can not be discharged normally, and the continuous accumulation of these gases will also cause intestinal expansion. Most of the gases are air entering from the digestive tract, which will seriously affect the blood circulation of the intestinal wall. If the pressure in the intestine increases significantly, it may also affect the normal breathing of the patients.

when intestinal obstruction occurs, the local waste is easy to cause bacteria breeding. A large number of bacteria breeding is easy to destroy the flora in the intestinal tract, leading to the imbalance of flora. After that, it is likely to cause a large number of harmful bacteria to breed, causing intestinal infection.

this kind of situation is easy to appear after the operation, so we need to check the patients after the operation. If there is abdominal wall hernia, we need timely treatment to avoid intestinal obstruction caused by the disease.

hygiene is also very important for the prevention of intestinal obstruction. Personal hygiene can avoid intestinal ascariasis, and sometimes serious ascariasis is one of the main causes of intestinal obstruction. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in personal hygiene and food hygiene in life, to avoid parasites into the body.

in our daily life, we must pay attention to the prevention of digestive tract infection. In many cases, infection will cause a variety of chronic bowel diseases, leading to intestinal obstruction. If it is a patient undergoing surgery, it is necessary to do a good job of nursing after surgery. Surgery generally has a great probability of causing abdominal infection, but it is not necessarily a serious infection. Therefore, drug control can be carried out, and the body’s immune ability can be improved through later nursing, so as to achieve the control effect.

if intestinal tumor is found, early treatment can be carried out to prevent intestinal obstruction. Generally, intestinal tumor leads to very large intestinal obstruction, so surgical resection can be carried out at an early stage.

intestinal obstruction has great harm after the attack. If it can not be treated early, it is easy to endanger the life of patients. According to different causes of attack, intestinal obstruction is also accompanied by different risks. Patients should recognize the harm of intestinal obstruction and see a doctor in time when relevant symptoms appear. Privacy Policy