Boy smell fishy smell allergy to death! Watch out for 4 “blacklist” foods! Parents must collect

It’s not a bluff to you. If a baby is allergic to milk, spilling milk on the skin will cause an allergic reaction; if a baby is allergic to peanut, a few peanuts may shock to death.

allergy is a symptom that may aggravate eczema. There are also a few infants with eczema induced by food allergy, but the proportion is very low. Mild eczema is about 1-3%, moderate eczema is 5-10%, and severe eczema is 20-33%.

if a baby is suspected to be allergic to a certain food, he / she can avoid the food for 2-4 weeks, and then try the food after the allergy symptoms subside.

after 3 days of observation, if the baby has the same symptoms as before, it means that the “allergen” has been caught; if there is no symptom, it means “recognizing the wrong person”, and it is necessary to check other food.

for children with family history of anaphylactic shock, allergy to nuts or seafood, and severe allergic symptoms, the time of dietary avoidance should be appropriately prolonged.

generally speaking, parents with mild food allergy should pay attention to avoid allergens for their babies, but some allergic situations are very dangerous and must be sent to a doctor immediately!

tasting delicious food is a kind of happiness, but some babies are hindered by allergies. However, there are thousands of Chinese delicacies, and you will get them if you give them up! 08/16/2020