Boys one black, one stink, is to remind you of the decline in renal function, can not be ignored

Introduction: there is a saying that “kidney is the source of life”. This is because the kidney has a very important work in the human body, which can maintain the stability of the body’s internal environment. However, with the development of society, more and more people suffer from kidney disease, which will not only affect people’s health, but also cause physical and mental damage to male friends. Therefore, we should pay more attention to observe the changes of your body on weekdays, because the body will have some special signals in the early stage of kidney injury, which is to remind you to timely maintain the kidney.

under normal circumstances, people’s urine should be clear and transparent, and there is no peculiar smell. However, if the urine of a male friend becomes very smelly in a short period of time and the taste is unbearable, then it shows that your renal function may be reduced, and it is necessary to take care of and nourish the kidney immediately.

if a person’s renal function is reduced, his ears may appear black. If his kidney function is very strong, his ears should be ruddy and shiny. Once there is the phenomenon of black ears, it means that the kidney has been seriously damaged, so it is necessary to maintain the kidney in time.

for male friends, if they want to become very strong, they must eat more warm food and less raw and cold food on weekdays, which can promote the normal progress of renal function.

people with kidney deficiency must ensure that they have enough sleep. If sleep is not guaranteed, it will lead to further damage to the kidney, and the kidney will become weaker and weaker, which has a great impact on human health.

if you drink regularly, alcohol will cause great damage to the kidney. Therefore, if you want to have good health, you must drink less and stay away from alcohol.

people with kidney deficiency should start from what they eat, and eat more kidney nourishing foods such as black sesame, mulberry and wolfberry, which can improve the situation of kidney deficiency.

kidney deficiency has a serious impact, so we should pay attention to even nourishing the kidney. Li Shizhen mentioned in the following: mixing ginseng, raspberry, black jujube, medlar, mulberry, malt, polygonatum, and other plants together for a long time, you can get a very effective nourishing kidney tea, which is also in line with the snacks recommended by the old Chinese medicine, while taking into account the same source of medicine and food. The principle is as follows:

It is not as convenient as finished tea bags. If you are busy with your life and work, you can choose tea bags.

conclusion: if one of the two abnormalities mentioned above appears in a male friend, it also shows that your renal function has decreased, which can not be ignored. We should pay attention to it immediately and carry out kidney nourishing. The five points arranged by Xiaobian must be done well, and absolutely can not be taken off, because if it is dragged down, the kidney will become more and more weak. Kidney is good, for male friends, it is very important. Finally, I wish you all good health and smooth life. CUISINE&HEALTH