Brain infarction coming, head prophet! If the head appears these 4 kinds of performance, had better examine in time, do not neglect

When it comes to cerebral infarction, many elderly people are turning pale. The main population of cerebral infarction is middle-aged and elderly people. Many middle-aged and elderly people have worked hard for decades, but they are ready to enjoy their lives when they are free. However, the emergence of cerebral infarction breaks the happy life. According to the latest statistics, the number of patients diagnosed with cerebral infarction in China every year is as high as 2 million And this number is still growing, and once cerebral infarction attacks, if not treated in time, it will leave hemiplegia, mobility and other sequelae, serious will also lose life, a serious threat to life safety.

cerebral infarction is a common cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease in recent years. Cerebral infarction is due to the blockage of cerebral blood vessels, leading to cerebral ischemia and hypoxia, which will lead to cerebral nerve necrosis, which may lead to partial brain dysfunction or direct stop running. Then the harm is self-evident, so it may be that everyone is afraid of cerebral infarction Why. The main cause of cerebral vascular blockage is the increase of blood lipid. When the blood lipid rises, there will be a large number of lipid substances in the blood vessels. Then with the blood moving and depositing, the blood vessels will become narrow gradually, increasing the possibility of vascular blockage, which will induce cerebral infarction at any time.

when the blood vessels in the brain are slightly blocked, the blood supply to the brain will be reduced, and part of the brain nerves will be affected, thus affecting the visual center, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the retinal nerve. At this time, there will be visual loss, blurred vision and other situations. In serious cases, one-time blackening will occur in front of you. Most of this situation will recover in a few minutes, but if in a short time Between frequent occurrence, at this time we should be alert to cerebral infarction.

when the blood vessels become narrower and the blood supply is reduced, the head will feel the first. At this time, the brain may suffer from amnesia, headache, dizziness and tinnitus due to ischemia. Moreover, with the aggravation of the disease, the headache gradually changes from one side to the whole headache, and the pain is more severe, especially when the patient has hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other diseases, which can induce cerebral infarction The probability is several times higher than that of normal people, so once there is a severe headache, it is best to seek medical advice in time to prevent the occurrence of great harm.

if after a night’s rest, you still feel sleepy and can’t wake up during the day, which may be due to the lack of blood supply to the brain, which indicates that the blood vessels in the brain have begun to block. It’s better to check it as soon as possible to prevent sudden cerebral infarction in the future.

when the cerebral blood vessels are seriously blocked, the central nervous system of the brain has a serious imbalance of muscle control due to hypoxia. Many patients will have a crooked mouth, eyes and drooling. Especially when sleeping, the drooling will be aggravated. If this happens, we should pay attention to it, which may be the precursor of cerebral infarction.

to prevent cerebral infarction, we should first have a healthy diet and living habits. We should try our best to keep a light diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, stay up as little as possible, smoke less and drink less. Secondly, brain exercise is also indispensable. We can often use our brain to maintain brain activity. Finally, we should supplement some nutrients containing phospholipid acid Face contains a large number of unsaturated acids, has a unique role in the decomposition of fat, can clean up vascular garbage, dredge blood vessels at the same time, maintenance of blood vessels, adhere to the supplement will make the blood vessels back to a healthy, elastic state, reduce vascular blockage, away from cerebral infarction.