Brain neuroscientists in Argentina warn: 80% of young people suffer from depression due to long-term isolation

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huayuxun according to Huaxun 365, fakundo manes, a famous brain neuroscience expert in Argentina, said that the most negative impact of the new coronavirus on human society should be mental illness. He warned that a large number of young people have anxiety or depression.

according to a survey report on the mental health of the population caused by epidemic situation and home isolation published by manes at ineco foundation, it is pointed out that human health can not force apart the physiological and psychological parts, health is comprehensive, and at present Argentines have exhausted their energy.

in an interview with Marcelo longobardi on radio mitre radio station, Mannes pointed out: “we have made research reports on the 6th and 72nd days of the beginning of home isolation in the country. 60% of Argentines have symptoms of depression, which is 4 to 5 times the number before the new epidemic.”

the brain neuroscience expert also pointed out: “80% of young people in Argentina have signs of mild, moderate or severe depression, and more than 60% have mild, moderate or severe anxiety disorders.

Mannes stressed: “young people are greatly affected and we must prevent this depression from becoming a chronic disease. There is only one health, and Argentina will have to rebuild if it is not given priority. If Argentinean society has been completely exhausted, and the people are depressed, demoralized or particularly anxious, despite the settlement of sovereign debt, which can attract investment, then it is not just a humanitarian problem, but a social and economic problem. ”

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