Brave and beautiful? Skin care repair “oxygen” to complete muscle density

At the activity site, many experts, judges, teachers and KOL gathered together. In this way, we can make up for the fierce and tense scene. This is not only a contest of beauty, but also a contest of strength. In dialogues and explanations, the award of the editor’s award of the expert editor, “the Revitalizing Essence of skin revitalizes” has fallen into the embrace of THALISSI saffron flower essence. < / P > < p > 2020 is a special year, with the prevalence of face masks and frequent new skin problems. With the heat wave in summer, the climate is comfortable and cool, but the skin is experiencing a new crisis – dry air in autumn, strong ultraviolet radiation, large temperature difference between day and night, plus staying up late, wearing masks and other multiple tests, the skin condition becomes extremely unstable, with tingling and redness Swelling, itching, etc.

in order to win the battle of skin value, THALISSI launched a new Crocus sativus refreshing essence for this series of skin problems. The ancient and mysterious Western European palace beauty skin technology combined with modern technology development, add high concentration of precious spice saffron, bring strong repair and anti-oxidation effect, can fully activate the muscle bottom cells, and inject renewable energy into the skin. It can tighten and lift the skin to make it firm and elastic. In addition, the product contains hydrolyzed plant protein, which can rejuvenate and moisturize the skin, increase the elasticity and tension of the skin. The combination of the two ingredients, the strong antioxidant capacity released by high concentration saffron and the tightening effect of hydrolyzed plant protein, can accurately and effectively fight against skin immune decline, sunburn, peeling, darkening, dry and rough skin caused by ultraviolet radiation, redness, itching, allergy and other skin problems caused by inflammation, so that the skin can quickly “return blood” and drive away day and night The reversed tired skin gives deep vitality to the skin and makes the skin regain its elasticity and luster. < / P > < p > a small body has great energy. It is not only refined by time and technology, but also the adoption of raw materials. It pays great attention to the feedback of natural essence into skin care. < p > < p > composition party may know that saffron is a very expensive ingredient, and its raw material price is three times that of gold and five times that of caviar, so it is known as “natural red gold”. Saffron’s high concentration of N-glycan and other main ingredients have strong antioxidant activity, which can effectively prolong skin life, delay skin aging, prevent melanin deposition, dilute and reduce skin spots, and even skin color; it can also instantly repair damaged skin, and make skin quickly return to good condition; the rich active substances contained in it can inhibit the expression of inflammatory mediators It has obvious anti-inflammatory effect, can repair skin barrier, relieve skin, relieve skin redness, swelling and itching. In addition, it also has significant effect in lifting and tightening. < / P > < p > that’s not enough! This THALISSI saffron essence not only regards the high concentration of saffron as its core, but also comes from the site of Spanish La Mancha, which is regarded as “the world’s saffron city”. This is the only place in the world that has proved the medicinal value of Crocus through clinical trials. The saffron produced in La Mancha has the best medicinal value. It is rich in stronger antioxidant capacity than ordinary saffron. It provides solutions for skin damage repair, whitening and lightening spots, calming and soothing, and brings excellent changes in health and efficiency. It is a very effective skin conditioner and moisturizer. Its active ingredient has remarkable effect, easy to be absorbed by human body, good film-forming performance, and high affinity for skin. It can form an elastic net on the surface of skin, play the role of moisturizing and deep moisturizing, and increase skin moisture Elasticity and tension, lift loose skin from the root, create a tight contour. < / P > < p > the simple and extraordinary oval like translucent frosted bottle arouses editors’ maiden heart. In terms of appearance design, thalissi brings the vitality extracted from nature into it and presents a new gift for skin. When you open the bottle cap, you can smell the clear and rich fragrance of flowers when you use it on your face, soothing your nervous and excited mood. When you put it on your face, the rich texture will bring light and comfortable feeling to your skin, and the high extensibility will penetrate the bottom of your skin, bringing you the feeling of Spanish luxury skin care. < / P > < p > after a long time of evaluation and discussion, I believe many voices have also made you know thalissi better. As a luxury skin care brand inherited by the Spanish royal family, thalissi has been committed to making the noble and luxurious skin care methods accessible for more than 50 years. Inspired by the wisdom of nature, the royal family’s highly valued and rigorous skin care philosophy is integrated into the natural gifts, which are rare and precious. We will give our skin the ultimate care and luxury. We will continue to guard our skin’s health and give our skin the most appropriate support. Let’s be brave and beautiful all the time. 08/16/2020