Breaking the myth of Aloe Vera Gel

It is said that when Alexander the great conquered the world, soldiers would carry a bundle of it to the battlefield in addition to military provisions. They could take orally to resist acclimatization, and could use external application to treat sword and sword injuries. Xiaoming, I don’t know whether these rumors are true or false, and who is the public or marketing number’s high opinion. I only know that the United States is the world’s largest producer of Aloe Vera. < p > < p > only less than 1% of Aloe Vera belongs to the efficacy of aloe. And after rough processing of aloe juice, basic does not have viscosity, to face, but also through thickening deployment.

of course, the aloe vera gel as a skin care product is definitely not aloe vera. If the water and impurities are removed, the weight of its effective ingredients will not go up? Do you have those magical effects? < p > < p > the real interesting ingredient in aloe juice is aloe polysaccharide. According to the existing literature, we can know that aloe polysaccharide can promote the activity of immune cells. < / P > < p > in the cosmetics industry where the concentration of plant extracts is limited, the skin care products mainly for aloe are not added with pure aloe polysaccharide, but aloe extract or aloe dry powder. < / P > < p > generally: water; moisturizing; antisepsis; thickening; accessories. In such a system, aloe extract belongs to excipient components and does not appear in the top of the list of ingredients. < / P > < p > in addition to aloe extract, an aloe gel can also be added with allantoin or some panthenol as anti-inflammatory agents. In other words, in the case of local skin inflammation caused by minimally invasive or acne, it has certain anti-inflammatory effect. < / P > < p > skin redness, swelling and pain; severe sunburn can even make skin blister, damage, exudate tissue fluid. During the recovery period, a large number of desquamation and desquamation will be formed. For moderate to mild sunburn, it is possible to use aloe vera based gel for cold compress. It has the effect of calming, cooling and moisturizing, which is basically the same as the principle of using medical dressing after medical art. < p > < p > for small skin wounds, vaseline and other substances will also be used as sealants in clinical medicine to protect the wound recovery environment, and aloe gel also provides a sealing agent effect to a certain extent. < / P > < p > we can take a look at the above formula table again. To be reasonable, the anti-corrosion system of aloe gel products in China is really not very good, especially the anti-corrosion of methyl hydroxybenzoate, which has strong irritation. As for the scar, as long as we pay attention to protect the wound, do a good job in sun protection, do not pick scab, rational drug use can reduce the probability of scar formation after healing. However, such as anti acne, whitening and anti-aging, these lady grade skin care products do not necessarily have the effect. They are not reliable at all. As a moisturizer, we should also consider the stimulation brought by its backward anti-corrosion system. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE