Breakthrough in anti cancer! 140 billion immune cells were injected into the body, and all of her seven tumors were eliminated

。 In recent years, both PD1 inhibitors and “adoptive cell transfer of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes” therapy have been carried out through

. In the field of medical research, due to individual differences, the transformation of immune cells can be determined according to the specific conditions of patients. In other words, the drugs used in the past will no longer be the same as the conventional therapy in the past, but the effect is not the same Not so good.

on her 49th birthday, Celine Ryan, a patient with stage IV colorectal cancer, called the National Institutes of health in the United States. Before that, she was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer.

as a mother of three children, how could she choose to give up? So for the next half a year, she went through an extraordinary ordeal of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, pain and nausea, day after day, and she ran back and forth between the hospital and her home, and finally she persisted.

However, half a year after the end of chemotherapy, she found that the focus of cancer metastasis to the lung had become larger, and was finally diagnosed as a patient with stage IV colorectal cancer, and there is no way to cure at present. The doctor gave her a new chemotherapy regimen, but she didn’t want to repeat the pain of the past. She made the phone call at the beginning of the story when she learned from her doctors that the NIH was working on and experimenting with new personalized cellular immunotherapies.

the researchers first removed tumor infiltrating lymphocytes from her body, which is a key step in cultivating and transforming the cells. While isolating and amplifying T lymphocytes, the researchers found a KRAS G12D mutation in her tumor cells. To this end, the researchers extracted CD8 + T cells that can recognize mutations. These newly extracted cells are the key force to ultimately kill the cancer cells in her body.

after that, Celine Ryan received cell reinfusion. After 40 days, the examination found that the lesions in her body were shrinking, and nine months later, the original seven lesions in her body completely disappeared. Today, Celine Ryan is still healthy and shows no signs of relapse, and doctors exclaim that this is another miracle brought about by the new immunotherapy.

the main leader of the therapy is Rosenberg, a world-famous expert in cancer and immunology. For more than 30 years, the main work he and his team have done is to find the most powerful immune cell in the body that can kill cancer cells. Compared with the traditional treatment, TILs has obvious advantages.

first of all, TILs therapy is more powerful in killing cancer cells. There are many types of cellular immunotherapy. Other immunotherapies extract cells from the patient’s blood, while TILs therapy is extracted from the patient’s tumor tissue. It has been found that 60% of the immune cells extracted from tumor tissues have the ability to recognize and kill, while the immune cells extracted from blood have less than 0.5% ability.

secondly, the recognition ability of the therapy is more accurate. The key point of TILs therapy is to find tumor mutation genes in patients, and then to find T cells that can inhibit this mutation through these mutation information, and then extract and culture these cells.

the existence form of cancer cells in different patients is different. For the same cancer cells, some patients have mutations, and some patients do not exist. TILs therapy takes advantage of this point and adopts targeted extraction and separation methods, so as to kill and identify cancer cells more accurately.

Finally, the effect of combination therapy is better. At the same time, immunopotentiators, interleukin-2 and PD-1 inhibitors, were also used. Combined with these advantages, patients do not have to endure endless side effects compared with traditional chemoradiotherapy.

immunotherapy had a good effect on hematological tumors in the past. Now, with TILs therapy making new clinical effects, it is more and more effective for solid tumors.

in addition to patients with advanced colorectal cancer like Celine Ryan, TILs therapy is effective for cholangiocarcinoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, melanoma, and non-small cell lung cancer. Although the therapy is not yet on the market, a number of clinical trials for solid tumors are underway worldwide.

at present, the application for listing of this therapy in the United States is in full swing. Once approved for listing, it will be the first cellular immunotherapy for solid tumors.

although cancer can not be completely eradicated now, the emerging new treatment methods still provide new hope for countless patients, which will encourage all cancer patients to treat it with a fighting mentality when facing the disease, and tell cancer: human beings will find new ways to deal with and eliminate you.

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