Breast hyperplasia do you know which department to hang up? If you choose these three, you’ll come to the right place

Mammary gland hyperplasia is a common disease, according to the severity of different symptoms, the specific department should be determined according to the department settings of the hospital. It is suggested that the patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands should choose their own treatment departments and methods according to the local hospital settings or doctors’ suggestions.

the symptoms of breast hyperplasia can be divided into three categories. The first category is the most common breast pain. About 60% to 70% of patients will have this problem, which is mainly caused by the alternating secretion of progesterone and estrogen. Clinically, it generally shows the feeling of distending pain caused by breast development apoptosis.

the second type of symptoms of breast hyperplasia is breast nodules. Patients with breast nodules will find a bulge or a piece of induration when taking a bath or physical examination. Patients with breast nodules are advised to go to the clinic for ultrasound examination in time, so as to understand whether the nodules are benign lesions or other lesions that need surgical treatment.

the third type of symptoms is that there are some cysts in the breast. We need to go to the outpatient department for ultrasound examination. We can see that there are some heterosexual lesions, but in general, there is no need for special treatment.

3. In chest department, some hospitals will classify breast diseases into thoracic surgery, so there will be some thoracic surgeons who can carry out breast surgery.

at present, according to the trend of the whole country, the breast department is basically divided into an independent specialty, because now, in addition to breast cancer, the breast surgery department also has breast plastic surgery and breast reconstruction, so basically, the scope of the breast Department has been very large, and the general thoracic surgeons or gynecologists can no longer afford it.