British media: Austrian baby remains discovered 30000 years ago

DNA analysis of two baby boys unearthed in Austria has confirmed that they are identical twins. The remains of the two babies, 30000 years old, are believed to be the earliest known evidence of identical twins, the UK reported on the 9th. < p > < p > analysis showed that one of the two boys survived for six or seven months after birth, while the other died 13 weeks after delivery. The two bodies are located in an oval pit with heads facing east. The bodies are embedded in red ochre. One of the bodies had 53 Ivory beads around its pelvis, while the other was decorated with a necklace made of mollusks and fox teeth. In addition, researchers also found the remains of another 3-month-old baby at the scene, which is believed to be a cousin of the twins. The study, published in the journal, said evidence of twins in archaeological records is extremely rare and has never been confirmed by DNA analysis before. In this study, the scholars sampled the skulls of three corpses, confirmed the gender and biological relationship of the three, and calculated the corresponding age of death through their bone length and tooth development stage. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!