Broken bones. Screw them together? How to treat after fracture, ability cure as soon as possible?

There will always be all kinds of accidents in life, and broken bones are more common. If some people don’t pay attention when riding or when they go up and down stairs, they may break bones. Bone is different from a chair. If a chair is broken, you just need to mend it. It won’t hurt. But if you break a bone, your body will have strong discomfort.

although there are differences between chairs and human bones, there is one thing in common, that is, they can be connected. After fracture of the bone, the condition is not serious cases will be directly healed, serious cases need surgery for treatment. During surgical treatment, the affected area will be fixed with screws or steel plates to help bone reconstruction. In the case of natural healing, it does not mean that no measures should be taken, or some protective equipment should be used to help the bone recover.

when bone fragmentation is very serious, if only plaster, splint, etc., can not be used to control the affected area. At this time, only screws or steel plates can be used to keep the limb in a normal physiological line to ensure that its growth direction is normal, and then let it heal naturally.

there will be some people in our life who have fracture but don’t know it. This is because fracture does not necessarily have pain. When you feel pain, you can definitely feel abnormal, but if the fracture site is nerve injury, you may not feel pain, only local numbness, if you don’t pay attention, you may ignore it. The injured part of the bone often has swelling and bruise symptoms. After finding the symptoms, timely measures should be taken.

when the symptoms of fracture appear, we must not be too flustered. Bad emotions will only aggravate the symptoms, which is not conducive to the treatment of the disease. Because fracture can bring pain, so when feeling pain, the first thing is to relieve pain, and combined with anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment, to avoid infection.

after that, it is necessary to check the damaged part and take measures according to the severity of the affected area. If it is not very serious, splint or plaster can be used to fix the affected part, and the reasonable use of drugs can make the broken parts reunite. If it is very serious, surgery is required and the affected area needs to be fixed so that the affected area can be reset.

after a series of treatment, rehabilitation treatment is needed. Do not think that rehabilitation treatment is dispensable, it is an extremely important part of the whole recovery process. Although the bone recovered, but still need to carry out targeted functional exercise, so as to avoid abnormal bone activity. Different parts of the need for different exercises, targeted to carry out, can let the bone to a better state.

in general, fractures are relatively easy to find. If you suspect that you have symptoms of fracture, it is recommended to conduct X-ray examination in time, so as to accurately judge the condition. Different treatment measures should be taken according to different conditions. If necessary, surgical treatment can be carried out. But whether it is necessary to operate or not, the fracture will make the patient feel very painful, so we should pay attention to some at ordinary times.

before exercise, it is necessary to do a good job of warm-up exercise to avoid bone damage caused by excessive exercise. When riding or driving, you should pay attention to avoid accidents due to negligence. Long term repeated wear and tear of bones will also lead to fracture. This kind of situation is often seen in incorrect movement posture. We must improve the bad posture to avoid unnecessary trouble to ourselves. Protect your bones to make your body stronger.