Brown sugar, white sugar, rock sugar, which kind of sugar is more healthy? The answer is unexpected

Last week, Ai saw in her circle of friends that someone had forwarded an article, which “exposed” the safety of edible sugar in China. For example, “soft white sugar added with industrial acid, eating will corrode the stomach and intestines”, “eating white granulated sugar is equal to eating lime” and so on, which really surprised people. But the problem is really as serious as the article said. Can’t we eat white sugar and other edible sugar? This is actually nonsense. Soft white sugar is white sugar, its main component is sucrose, and the raw materials are sugar cane and sugar beet. In the process of processing, 2.5% conversion syrup will be added. The specific production process is to squeeze out the juice from the raw materials, then clean and boil to form crystal, and finally spray the converted syrup to form soft white sugar. According to the national GB / t1445-2018, the total sugar content of the first grade white sugar should also reach more than 97.9%. If industrial acid is really added, not only can the sugar content not reach such a high proportion, but also the taste will change, let alone the quality inspection before it is put into the market. There is no common sense of chemistry to say that lime will be added to sugar to prolong its shelf life. The main production technology of white granulated sugar is sulfite method and carbonic acid method, which do not add lime in the production process. If lime is added, it will not only increase the difficulty of purification, but also affect the final crystallization of sugar. Finally, the sugar production rate will be reduced. In addition, the purity of white granulated sugar can reach more than 99.5%, and its chemical properties are very stable after being crystallized. Why add other components? < / P > < p > as for sugar stored for a long time, insects will grow in it, and mites may enter the body after eating the sugar raw. This is not caused by the process of making white sugar, but due to improper storage, which can cause mites. Therefore, in the national food safety sampling inspection project, there is sugar, and mites cannot be detected. There will be no such problem with qualified products, and there will be nothing wrong with raw food. < / P > < p > if you eat too much sugar, it will cause obesity in the first place. Compared with other foods, sugar can be absorbed almost directly after entering the body, which is why people can relieve symptoms by eating a little sugar when they feel hungry. As an important energy source, sugar is synthesized under the action of insulin for human use, and the surplus part will be stored in the human body. But the body’s synthetic sugar source is limited, the extra part will become fat. As a result, they become obese over time. In addition, excessive intake of sugar makes blood sugar level rise, and then more and more fat in the liver, and finally forms fatty liver. Meanwhile, diabetes will also have a higher incidence rate when the blood glucose is running at a high level for a long time. < / P > < p > with obesity, the risk of cardiovascular disease will increase. Moreover, fatty liver and diabetes are the basic diseases that can not be cured. If the disease develops and intensifies, there will be a risk of cancer. Therefore, the harm of excessive sugar consumption is a chain effect, and the degree will be aggravated with the excessive sugar consumption. < p > < p > according to the recommendation, the daily intake of sugar should be controlled below 50g, which is the same as that recommended by the World Health Organization. But in daily life, people in order to reduce sugar, but it is too distorted. For example, some people do not eat staple food, think that rice and flour are sugar. It is not advisable to limit the intake of sugar, which mainly refers to the intake of added sugar in various foods. However, the sugar content in fruits and grains is natural. As long as the intake is not excessive, it will not cause harm to the body. < / P > < p > nowadays, more or less sugar is added to snacks and food eaten out. In particular, people who eat all kinds of snacks will unconsciously eat too much sugar, and limiting the excessive intake of sugar is mainly to limit this part. < p > < p > in fact, the types of sugar are only different in appearance due to different processing. In essence, they are all sugar cane and sugar beet. The difference is that brown sugar is just juiced and boiled, so it retains the original color of sugar. White sugar is on the basis of brown sugar, adding purification and decolorization steps, so the color changed. However, rock sugar and white granulated sugar are only processed by crystallization. In other words, they only change the shape, not the properties. < / P > < p > therefore, the sugar content is essentially the same, and there is no saying that any kind of sugar is more healthy. For example, girls in the physiological period, if there is no brown sugar, drink some sugar water can also achieve the effect of warming the body. Therefore, in a comprehensive view, sugar is a substance needed by the human body, but can not be excessive. Especially now the majority of food, ordinary time, can not eat it. CUISINE&HEALTH