Buffet: drink coke, eat McDonald’s, still live so long? Just because of these five little habits

Buffett has a well-known “hobby”. He eats McDonald’s three times a week and five cans of coke a day Therefore, many netizens on the Internet have named bafete as < / P > < p > by this year, he is 89 years old. Some people are very curious. Warren Buffett, who has already entered his old age, is still eating “junk food” every day. Why can he still manage the company soberly and efficiently? What’s the secret of his longevity? < / P > < p > during his waking hours, Warren Buffett uses 80% of his work and rest time to read financial statements, reports, magazines, newspapers, etc. < / P > < p > we can also cultivate the habit of reading. If we can’t read 500 pages a day, it’s OK to read 100-200 pages. There’s no harm in reading more books! < / P > < p > Mr. Buffett once said his secret to staying young was to “eat like a six-year-old”, including drinking up to five cans of coke a day. “A quarter of my body is Coca Cola,” he said Drink coke, eat hamburger, steak, French fries, in the eyes of many people, this is not healthy eating habits. Can we eat KFC and McDonald’s all day? NO! In fact, Buffett is very confident in his diet. He thinks that eating these foods can make him feel happy, and to some extent, it is beneficial to keep healthy. < / P > < p > in 2007, when he was 77 years old, the doctor gave him two choices: one is to eat healthily, the other is to keep exercising. Obviously, he chose exercise. He would take time to exercise every day. And exercise did work. He beat prostate cancer in 2015 and still looked healthy and happy. < / P > < p > chuck Feeney is Warren Buffett’s idol, and he has become the biggest philanthropist. In 2006, Mr. Buffett promised to give away 99% of his wealth. < / P > < p > the well-known charity activity of “lunch with Warren Buffett” has been going on for 19 years since 2000, and all the money has been donated to American charities. < / P > < p > Buffett enjoys games and often plays financial “psychological games” to help him maintain his sensitivity to investment. He also likes to keep himself sharp by playing bridge. He loves bridge so much that he can sometimes be seen playing retired people for $7 on Omaha mall. < / P > < p > he said: “it’s the best intellectual exercise, you can see new situations every ten minutes; bridge needs to calculate the win / lose ratio, which needs to be calculated all the time.” < / P > < p > in his career, Buffett is undoubtedly very successful, but it has not prevented him from having a hobby and becoming one of the best experts in this hobby field. As early as March 2009, Buffett and his daughter became part-time teachers of the North Omaha women’s Association, teaching girls to play ukulele. Bill Gates’s yukri was also taught by Warren Buffett. < / P > < p > let me tell you another little secret. Although Buffett’s diet is high in sugar and salt, there is one thing he will never touch – he never drinks. < / P > < p > we can see his “way of balance” from his five little habits, which is enlightening for everyone who wants to keep a balance between work, life and health. < / P > < p > the book continues with the life experience of Warren Buffett and his advice to his children. From a big point of view, Buffett’s advice to his children can be divided into: life advice, life advice, character advice, career advice and wealth advice. From a small point of view, Buffett teaches his children from self independence, friends, knowledge, character, management, team, consumption, and other small aspects, so that they can have a lifetime of spiritual wealth. CUISINE&HEALTH