Bullet Yang heavy can protect pregnant boy? Woman with bullets on board

On November 9, the police of Huaihua railway station police station of Huaihua railway public security department seized a woman carrying a bullet on the bus at the entrance security checkpoint. When the police asked the reason, the woman’s answer made the police cry and laugh, saying that the bullet can protect the pregnant boy. It is reported that on the morning of that day, the security staff of Huaihua station found a middle-aged woman suspected of having a bullet in her luggage, so they opened the bag and informed the police to come to the scene. According to the investigation, the woman is 35 years old and from Guizhou Province. She had not been pregnant since she got married. She heard that the bullet was a very masculine item. It could not only exorcise the evil spirits, but also protect the pregnant boy. So the woman found a bullet to carry with her. However, she was seized by the police when she was preparing to take the train. Finally, the police gave them administrative punishment and collected the bullets carried by the women. < p > < p > the railway police remind passengers that they should know more about things, adhere to the scientific knowledge as the basis, and never superstitious about ghosts and gods. Before taking the train or other means of transportation, please check your belongings and luggage. Do not carry, ammunition, inflammable and explosive articles into the station to avoid unnecessary trouble. Home