“C in the morning and a in the evening” is on fire! But what you don’t know is that “early C, late a + B” is better, and the skin care effect is enhanced

Including what mask pack, sun protection VC, stack, C Abalabala, a lot of talk about the sun and mask superimposed on what more than one issue, today saw a particularly interesting thing is early C A late, although not good, but not everyone tolerated.

because vitamin A ingredients have certain irritation in skin care products, they are not friendly to the skin that wants to reverse light aging and suffer from skin sensitivity. At this time, we can consider adding a B on the basis of “early C and late a”, and the effect will be better

if the pantothenol is used, xiaoka will remember that Pan alcohol is used in cosmetics It is still very common. Panthenol also needs to be transformed into pantothenic acid, coenzyme A, and participate in energy supply. In such a process, panthenol itself is very stimulating, and it can also maintain stability

it can be seen that the obvious red area is desalinated, and the stability maintenance effect is OK, but this experiment… Was found by xiaoka on the Internet, which does not guarantee the authenticity, but It can ensure that panthenol really has the effect of maintaining stability, so we can rest assured.

combined with the small factor of panthenol molecule itself, it can also be used as a penetration enhancer to enhance the effect of VC and VA components. Under this condition, VA, VB and VC families have come together. C in the morning and a + B in the evening, this skin care method can be tried. Ha, the skin care effect is enhanced.

Leton CC is a combination of cheap price and easy to use. We usually like to use it in the evening, because the texture of Leton CC is really thick. Sometimes it feels stuffy, so early C is not suitable. Maybe, but it’s good to use it at night. It depends on the individual. I think the effect is good, so paint it.

often read small Kaku’s article should know that the small Kaku usually use the VC essence of the map is to use Clinique, Clinique’s VC freeze-drying essence in addition to the propaganda map is good, the effect is also good, made a freeze-dried type to preserve VC activity, but because it is an ampoule need to run out in a short time, or else after oxidation, there is no way to use the

first declare. In order to preserve the low irritation, Keyan’s main product was 3-o-ethyl VC when it first came out. This kind of VC has good stability, but it can’t reduce melanin, which can’t be compared with the prototype VC, which is why it doesn’t need to be protected from light.

but what’s touching is that the effect of resisting free radicals is good, and the effect of preventing blackening is very good. It is very suitable for playing the role of early C in “early C and late a”. It can be perfectly competent. Ha, the skin, taste and other things are OK, and the stimulation is relatively low. Xiaoka likes it very much.

Arden is famous for its reliable essence. The 2 main skin types are gold glue and powder glue, which are corresponding to dry skin. It adds a certain amount of ceramide and and safety lipid composition, which is mainly composed of A ester. The oil is also the same as the gold glue, which is the main A alcohol derivative

. Actually, little Kaka can accept it. 2 are very good essence. I prefer gold glue, moisturizing rather than special oil. The main effect of repair + anti-aging is nice. It can’t be better as a late class a product.

attention is the new version! New edition! New edition! The new version has strengthened the content of a-alcohol. When talking about a-alcohol yesterday, it was actually said that the earliest research and development and application of a-alcohol was Johnson & Johnson Group, and Johnson & Johnson Group also applied it to the first batch of Ludek, that is, the old version of night cream we saw.

the new version of night cream adds the a alcohol content to 0.22%, which is a relatively high content. It is suitable for the skin with established tolerance. The late A-type products are very worthwhile to start with. They are cheap and easy to use, but the fragrance really doesn’t smell very good. It would be better if it was improved. Ha, I don’t like the taste very much.

repair the cream of the world’s carrying athletes, parity version of LA MER, really good ha, but unfortunately it is a compound cream, used in Victoria A after the effect is not particularly obvious, can only be a moisturizer plus a lost dimensional stability repair, but also good, the price fair effect is better, quite guaranteed.

simple essence, pure dimensional stability moisturizing class, very parity, AHC since acquired, which is getting better and better, this is actually very good B5 essence ha, skin feeling is also used in the essence of A cream or cream front is very good ha, it is recommended to use, the whole skin general ha.