Caesarean birth baby, the second time will be more painful than the first, understand the cause of maternal relief

When my cousin gave birth to her second child, I went to the hospital to visit her. My cousin was experiencing the pain of contractions and looked at her sweating. At that time, I was still wondering. I had just experienced the pain of childbirth a few months ago. Although it’s hard to bear the labor pains before delivery, I don’t feel the postpartum contractions. The reason is that the pain is really low, and it is completely within the scope of my tolerance. < / P > < p > afterwards, I learned that my cousin is a second child. Although she is also a postpartum uterine contraction, because she has already had a production experience, the second child’s uterine muscle layer fibrous tissue will be more. For various reasons, when their uterus is contracting, they will feel more intense pain. That’s why I gave birth to one child. I didn’t feel it when I had contractions. My cousin gave birth to a second child. When I had contractions, I felt all kinds of pain. < / P > < p > the same is true for cesarean section mothers, although the mode of delivery is different. However, postpartum is the process of uterine contraction. We said that caesarean birth baby, the second time will be more painful, in fact, most of the same reason, not to say that cesarean section pain, but postpartum contractions will make the maternal have more obvious pain. < / P > < p > there is another explanation that the reason why babies born by caesarean section for the second time will be more painful than the first time is that after a cesarean section, the maternal body will be more resistant to the drug, because of this reason, the natural maternal pain will be more intense. However, maternal rest assured that the pain is also within the scope of their ability to bear. After understanding the reasons, many mothers will be relieved, because these are not caused by their own physical reasons, so there is no need to worry. < / P > < p > on the one hand, the interval between the two children should not be too close. After all, caesarean section to give birth to children, maternal body all aspects need a time to recover. If the interval between two children is too short, the maternal body is likely not recovered well, to the late pregnancy, maternal need to pay attention to taboos will be more, the possibility of fetal accidents will be greater. < / P > < p > on the other hand, after the second pregnancy, the diet during pregnancy must be well controlled, and it is better to control the weight within a reasonable range, and not to exceed the standard too much. After all, the first child is Caesarean section, the second child when the probability of cesarean section will be higher. If the diet during pregnancy is not well controlled, resulting in fetal oversize, it is not good for maternal and fetal treasure. Therefore, in this respect, the maternal should also pay attention to, the result of too carelessness is to hurt the fetus and oneself. < p > < p > having a baby by caesarean section is more painful than the first. Do you understand all the reasons? After understanding the reason, the puerpera was relieved. As a woman, if a child chooses to have a caesarean section, when preparing for a second child, there will be more taboos to pay attention to in all aspects. Do you know? CUISINE&HEALTH